Working from home from a far distance, for a female living alone only in a five-ping suite, what kind of experience will it be? Originally thought to be to fight with the size of space, but later found out that it was actually an exercise how to live with themselves.

In early April, i.e. listening to the analysis of the National Stakes, Pisces has Saturn sitting in the twelve palaces, will make you always want to stay at home. Think of the long-distance work, has entered the third week, is also the thirteenth working day; from the beginning only feel that it is only temporary change in life patterns, to slowly accept the possibility of extended life.

My home is very small, in Taipei City, near the center, an old apartment on the fifth floor of the rental suite, only five or six Ping space.

Because of the relationship between living alone, the 20-minute bus route to the women's office on weekdays is the switch to my connection with the outside world. After this ceremony, I connect with my work partner every day on the road, only bed to the desk, about a meter away.

One step away, turn on the computer, log in to slack, clock out and report. Good morning, you from afar.

And the work of the rope editing, in fact, has always been a virtual form of imagination, and the world is very close. The first thing we do when we get up every morning is to look at Chinese and foreign media headlines, Google Trends, allow all kinds of information to be arranged in the mind, and then choose the ideas we most want to share instantly. Since the long work, every Monday there will be editorial online meetings, I secretly observe each editor's room background, everyone's home is not the same, the light is also different, probably choose the light bulb brand is also.

In this meeting, we discussed the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic spread more than three months, in addition to the rising death toll, lack of medical resources, these days also began to send out the world's domestic violence transmission data. Since the outbreak began in the United States, the National Violence Prevention Hotline (NDVH) has received an average of 2,000 calls a day; domestic violence cases in the Paris area of France have risen 36 percent, and two cases have involved homicide; China's Hubei province has issued a ban on footing, more than three times as many as in February than in the same month last year; and the Government of the Canary Islands has even set a code to inform the drug office of the "Mask 19" when the drug office says it buys a "Mask 19". (Recommended reading:"Home, but the place where they suffer" the epidemic raging domestic violence is spreading around the world)

Staying at home has become more days, some partners can not stand long time together into friends, some people's home has not been a safe place, some people lose social life, and began to feel that their home is not so suitable for life.

When I see these messages, I look back at my home. I don't have roommates to worry about getting too close together, the nature of the media industry being connected to the outside world at any time, and not being too anxious for a while to live a social life. Working from home from a far away, the only thing that makes me think more about it is how I can live with myself.

To stay 24 hours a day in this five-ping space, work, eat, sleep, rest, which makes me occasionally have a boring imagination, that is, the last second of their own spit out of the air, the next second is sucked back, metabolic hair, body taste, repeated in this room self-digestion. Like my own universe, will breed new emotions, happy in the room singing loudly to vent, sad when watching the film tears, all things, will not be a second person to see.

I secretly ask myself, Do I like myself?

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Just last weekend, the second week I was at home, I suddenly decided to throw away the memory mattresses and pillows I had spent years on the internet, and after I had ordered new replacementitems for a few seconds, I dragged the pile of old bedding from the fifth floor to the first floor garbage dump, opened the lid and threw it breathlessly.

I want to lose a little bit of myself, like losing the old life That I insisted on.

A few days later, the freight big brother sent a new mattress, I carried it on the fifth floor, the whole room, instantly full of intrusive glue smell. In the moment, I suddenly felt that my room was new again. I'm in excellent spirit, I can sit a meter out of my desk and i can continue to focus on my work.

A lot of people say that when you work from home, you have to create a sense of ritual for yourself, for example, divide the work area and the lounge area, change your home clothes, and eat when it's time. But for me, there is more time, is the need to feel their inner emotions, to face with this small home, is my personal extension. (Recommended reading:"Working from home, more ritual" four long-distance work methods to stay focused)

Far away from home, the editing days are like this - the world still brings a lot of information every day, I have been in bed until 5 a.m. after the South Korean Room N news, and I can't see until 5 a.m., the next day I continue to rely on word-for-word translation to write current affairs reports. My home, to undertake this much of my relationship with the world, I occasionally replace this home supplies, let the new smell come in, so that they also have more opportunities to be updated. (Extended reading:"I saw the children barking like dogs" reporter's true account of the horrors inside South Korea's "Room N"

Every one of you squeezed into a narrow corner by the outbreak, have you been doing well lately? I hope you find a way to live with your family, because that's also a good way to make it with yourself.