In this pink mask incident, we should also think about how to communicate with children about gender education, how to encourage children to respect others, but also brave to be themselves?

"Little boys don't dare wear pink masks to school because they will be laughed at by classmates. 」

On April 12, in the outbreak command center press conference, the reporter asked parents to respond to the color of the mask so that the little boy was discriminated against, and on April 13th, the press conference, the command center responded by action, let the command center staff immediately put on a pink mask row station, and Chen Shizhong also said: "As long as the children, in fact, the color of the mask is the same, we can all wear, pink is actually good, we saw the most popular cartoon film when we were a child, that is the pink leopard." 」

The command center's actions were the most direct response, and there was a lot of support in the community. And in this pink mask incident, we should also think about how to communicate with children gender education, how to encourage children to respect others, but also brave to be themselves?

"Students laugh at my "princess" kettle and tell children that it's important to listen to the voice in my heart

In fact, on April 10th, actress Chen Xianmei shared on Facebook the experience of her son bringing a princess kettle, but was ridiculed by classmates. At this time, as a parent, Chen Xianmei first asked his son: "Do you really like this kettle with a princess pattern?" Then my son said he really liked it.

So Chen Xianmei told his son: "Well, then don't care what the students say and their expression because Ryder is like this princess, if you listen to them, and began to obey no longer like, then you don't call Ryder!" Because the real Ryder loves princesses, you have to respect the sound inside your body! 」

Peers are powerful, and many children grow up, so they resist wearing their favorite clothes, playing with their favorite dolls, and doing what they like. Of course, school education needs to let children know that gender temperament is diverse, and as parents, we can do, is to undertake and affirm the role.

To affirm the child's choice, let the child know that they are not wrong, know that gender is not a reason to hinder interest, you can like the princess, wear their favorite things, and become their own, must respect the voice of the body, then the child in the process of exploration and growth, will accept the strength of support, enhance self-confidence, but also more courageous to try and explore. (Extended reading:"Look how long you can hold out" Prince George wants to learn ballet: from the mockery of news anchors to hearing familiar adult bullying)

If so, what if you can avoid distinguishing between men and women in various ways from an early age?

The pink mask said parents could share their experienceof of wearing pink masks to school, and they were very supportive and respectful of their children's choices, while others posted their pink shirts and pink masks.

Color should not have been used to distinguish between gender, and the sex temperament was like a spectrum, "blue" and "boys" "pink-girls" not only simplified and limited the possibility of children's exploration, but also ignored the diversity of children's characteristics (blue is boys, pink is girls is actually a marketing strategy, according to a study by University of Maryland historian Joletti, the so-called gender-color correlation discussion is not correct) and now we are also seeing more and more people break down such color-gender stereotypes.

Some people have suggested that as parents, once worried that boys "excessively" like pink, but now society is slowly reversing the gender stereotype, adults can also use this to educate children, blue and robots do not belong only to boys, pink and princess not only belong to girls.

If we start from a young age, let the child know that color-free gender, we can avoid children in school, with the same gender stereotypes to discriminate against others, resulting in more bullying, parents should let children know that when ridiculed, listening to their own voice is a very important thing, encourage them to believe in their own decisions, and let the child know that you will always support his decision.

And back to the epidemic itself, epidemic prevention period, we should pay more attention to health, care for the safety of everyone around, Keelung City Councillor Zhang Zhihao put on a pink mask, tell everyone: "I want to talk to children, especially young boys said: "No matter what color the mask is, protect the people around, is the bravest thing!" The pink color, is the color of the brave, put on a mask, you are the anti-epidemic hero! You're the best! 」

More important than color, it is more important for parents to let their children practice to protect themselves and others, and no matter what color you wear masks, you are the bravest.