Have you ever looked at the scars you left on you? Interviewed in an interview with the life experience of the sea moss bear, he said that sometimes the most invisible is often the deepest. In the face of those indelible scars, we can try the psychological searchlight method, he also used fairy tale fables to explain the healing of scars, want to tell you, face the scars is not really terrible.

What's the biggest scar on you?

To talk about this problem, look at the sea moss bear, who has written numerous psychological healing articles in front of us, always feel that it is more suitable. Often someone asks him, how to get better quickly, what to do when injured, I am hard, there is no faster way? He was like a gentle piece of medicine, slow and firm lying, trying to give the scars of this society more relief.

However, he said, he himself was a very impatient person. Always impatient sex, in his body left a big and small scars, he can hand-in-hand, can draw one or two. 'There's a reason, the physical and mental injuries are connected,' he said, 'and he looked at his scars and talked back and forth with his inner executioner -- I'm really not very nice to myself, right?

What is the most difficult scar in your life to erase the "invisible and often deepest"?

"The biggest scar in my life, in my left knee, was completely invisible. I tried all sorts of methods and spent years trying to make it disappear. But I found out I couldn't do it. The sea moss bear said that he didn't know it was a "scar" at first; he just felt as if something was embedded in his body, growing between the meat and the meat, and was uncomfortable and untouchable, so he was really bothered.

The scar was born from the mark of a serious car accident.

"There was a time when i was on the road because it was raining and I was riding my motorcycle and hit the van that suddenly came out of the road. At that time, because I did not want to affect the trip behind me, so when the driver pulled out five or six thousand yuan to show the current reconciliation, I also want to say that this is also good, can be resolved quickly. But i didn't think that serious things were going to happen.

"It leaves a lot of post-illness, and no matter what kind of health care I'm going to do later, acupuncture, pushing, looking for Fu, how can I do that to eliminate that sense of matter." You can imagine something in your knee that feels like a change in spring, summer, autumn and winter; it doesn't hurt, but you just know it's there, and it's not going to be good. 」

At that time, almost every doctor told him that your knee was fine. He fell into a great sense of helplessness and loneliness: "My most and deepest feeling is that no one understands me." Accepting countless medical methods and facing the helpless expressionand and tone of the doctors, he was depressed and felt that no one could understand his inner pain: "The pain was not great, but every time he felt it, he was very uncomfortable." But all the doctors told me that he couldn't see the wound. 」

Like what a magic spell no one can see, no one can give you a cure, but you know it's there. And you care. I think it's very similar to many of our daily situations, you think you face certain events or obsessive points, no one understands why you care so much, but you just feel uncomfortable, can't help but want to do it. And we finally have to come back to ask, in the face of the body looming scars and pain, is not able to find a way out, in the end can be done?

The scars are still there, but don't you move the "searchlight" of the heart to see?

There are many ways to treat scars, and one of them may be to shift your attention.

"There's a similar concept in psychology, you imagine a searchlight inside that can be used to look at your mood, your thoughts, or your body. When you focus on your predecessor, your world is the only one, and when you focus on your own bad personality and feel like a bad person, you don't see the good part of yourself. This is called "mind set" psychologically. 」

He said that he was waiting to gather all the lights on his knees, so his world was only knee: "And my belief is that this searchlight can turn, commonly known as the turn." You can't turn too fast, you can slowly move to a neutral area, for example, I can start thinking 'although the left foot will hurt, but at least there are no scars on the right foot', or 'It's good that there's no half-body.' 」

The light of the lamp is very small, only the place where the lamp shines will be seen, the place not to be seen is dark. It's just that the darkness doesn't mean bad, it's just that you don't see it, and you don't see it, it doesn't mean you want to deny it. You still have a wound, but maybe at this moment, you still can't afford to bear it. Then let it be there first. 'It's probably amazing, ' he said. 'When you move the lights, you feel very different.

"If we hadn't discussed it today, I hadn't really thought of the wound for a long time. Later, because he was busy with other things, he slowly forgot the scar, "I'm still not sure If I can live with it, but I do find myself caring about it less time." 」

The sea moss bear said, like insomniacs ah, the more you want to fall asleep, the less you can't sleep: "But if you say to yourself today, well, you can't sleep, it's a big deal to stay up late tomorrow to do things, you may fall asleep." The more you think about people, the less likely they are to be, and the harder you try to make something invisible, the more likely it is to appear: "Psychologically we call it the "white bear effect" and when you say, "Don't think of a white bear," your words are still around the White Bear itself." 」

From beginning to end, we may not have really found a cure for the wound, but in retrospect, what was your motivation for the treatment? Because you don't feel well. And if you can be more comfortable today by diverting attention, perhaps, this is another healing in life.

"The end of the story is the beginning" healing doesnot happen at once.

Just talk about this I can't help but ask, but how do we know that this scar will one day not come back to you?

"Actually, I believe it may come back again. He answered affirmatively, thinking about it, and said, "In the fairy tale metaphor of Jung's psychology, I like the story of Little Red Riding Hood best." At the end of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood promised her mother, I will go to the forest in the future will certainly take a big way, I will definitely follow my mother's admonition. The story is over.

"Do you think Little Red Riding Hood will meet the Wolf next time?" 」

He asked a question, let me first be in place, and then heard him go on: "I am guessing, this time is the wolf, next time may be the big demon king, and then the next time may be another." One way of telling a fairy tale is that it ends with the beginning, and when Little Red Riding Hood finishes this sentence, the story starts from scratch. As I listened, I quietly got goose bumps. All the endings don't end, but the beginning of another story, and we'll go over it again. Yet the answer the sea moss bear wants to give me next is not sad:

"After a few years, Little Red Riding Hood went to the forest again, and she might still go that way, and she was still hurt and eaten, but she would learn something else. And it doesn't matter, she's set to be resurrected forever! He said he was thinking that the next time his knee ached again, there might be something new to teach him, so he said, "I'm bound to feel uncomfortable, like Little Red Riding Hood is bound to be eaten by the Wolf, but it's okay, the pain will pass, and then we'll get something new." 」

Three Exercises from Little Red Riding Hood Stories

  • There are many subjects in life, and you don't walk it at once.
  • Instead of worrying about the unknowable future, it's better to face life in place first.
  • Even if we're bound to suffer over and over again, you'll learn something new.

Editor's recommendation to care for scars, it's not that hard

We have all suffered some injuries, however, scars are not always sad, pain with a little darkness, perhaps from the unwarned accident, but some scars of the starting point is the pursuit of happiness, choice, these past shape sedation us, you can choose to leave it, as a reminder and memories, you can also go through the mood, choose to fade, smooth scars, let the experience leave with you.

Your choice, you come to practice

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You can always re-do it, only to return the scars

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If you want to, give yourself a meeting, try to recreate the original you

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