In the injury of the moment, you often feel their mood impatience, always anxious to hurry up? Hai Tessa, a long-time writer who writes about healing, says he is also a man who can't stand up to life. But he later found some ways to face the scars and the healing steps he wanted to share with you.

Do what you want, take care of yourself when you're afraid.

Back at the beginning of the sea moss bear himself said, he is a very impatient man, almost all of his scars, because of his impatience left. So these healing tirades are bound to be his innumerable time, inner struggle and life insight in exchange for. Looking back, I also quietly take, if today I was standing at the scene of the first suffering, feel their own injury at the moment, good pain good pain, I can do, there is a set, rapid healing SOP?

"If in one word, what do you want to do, do it!" It's true. 」

"How do you feel about how you're comfortable, whether it's physical or inner injury, as long as you don't go to death, I think you can do it." Some people hurt too much, he will take a knife to cut his hand, I think this may be his way of responding. Or do you want him to jump? 」

He said he used to go to seven clinics a day to treat a disease: "All I wanted to do at the time was get cured quickly. So I've been going to various doctors. Looking back now, it would feel as if it wasn't that important, but i didn't feel so much at the time! So, that's okay, because that's you at the moment. And now you choose to stop the treatment, and that's yourself right now.

Based on biological instincts, he notes, there are no more than three ways in which a person is traumatized, attacking, running away, or staying in place: "The way to attack is to actively seek treatment; to escape is to ignore it, to think, "I don't want to treat, I'm not sick", and stay in place, probably because you don't know what to do, or to wait." 」

He thinks that it's all good, "and you don't have to think you have to do something, you just do what you want to do." 」

"Let's give me an example, like everyone who's lost and ask me how you can get better." That's when I saw my edgy self, and then I'd say to them, 'Okay, let's try to get along.' He was gentle and seemed to speak to the man who was in the past. He said that if you said to them today, "No one's getting better!" " " You will become the role of the doctor who will only tell you that the knee is fine : although one day he will find out that I was lying to him , hahaha . 」

The Healing Rule for Healing Scars: The most reassuring way is that you can take responsibility for your body

Talk ingress here, we put the topic of searchlights, and slowly move back to the treatment of the scar itself. This road is like a thorn, only finally get some of the life of the understanding, the original edgy sea moss bear has always learned to slow down for this, to see their relationship with the scar.

"Almost all of my wounds are discovered first by others, and I often feel that there is nothing, or that I think it will be good for a short time, and delay treatment." 」

"And when you see the area of injury slowly getting better, you feel that the wound can really heal, whether physical or psychological. Maybe when you're healed, the scars will be left, but that's okay, it's your mark on it. The point is that it's important how you feel when you're healing. Scars are many, imprinted on the body, he said, it's like a warning, always telling him to slow down, to take care of his body, and not to feel like everything. After that knee experience, he learned to take his scars seriously and realized that his body was worth taking care of.

"Like I have very serious tinnitus, I used to think, "Why didn't you cure me?" Why didn't you help me? You mediocre doctors! I went to check every medical record, the medication, and I felt like I had been the best patient, and I looked for all the possible treatments. You bad guys don't get anything, rot. 」

"But then I realized that I didn't really want to be responsible at all, but to blame others. If I could take care of my tinnitus carefully, maybe that's what my body really needs. It's not about other people who care what happens to it, it's the person who's been using it for so many years to ask it, okay, I'm here. 」

So the point may be how much responsibility you are willing to take, how much effort you will take care of it, and when you start to really care about your body, it will respond well to you.

'It's like a ceremony of his own invitation,' he said. When we get hurt, or have other negative emotions, you feel anxious or afraid to stand outside the door, knocking on the door desperately, trying to break in. And the less we want to face that sound, the more we hear how loud it is: "Maybe when you let it in, you'll find that it's not as terrible as you think." 」

In the event of injury, you can give yourself three peace of mind steps.

  • Take a deep breath and let yourself feel a little more soothing.

  • Imagine the worst, and the best, of the worst, and keep the white bear and the black bear in mind.

  • Choose one way to attack, escape, or stay where you are. You can choose any one, but for me, Little Red Riding Hood is going to go into the forest after all.

Editor's recommendation: If you want to, fade the traces of scars

We have all suffered some injuries, but the scars are not always sad, pain with a little darkness, perhaps from the surprise without warning, but some of the starting point of the scar is the pursuit of happiness, choice, these past shape sedation us, you can choose to leave it, as a reminder and memories, you can also go through the emotions, choose to fade, smooth scars, let the experience leave you ahead.

Your choice, you come to practice

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You can always re-do it, only to return the scars

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You may often ride a motorcycle, shuttle in the city, said to be convenient, but also increase the risk of burns by the exhaust pipe, such scars usually appear on the calves and ankles, easy to pigment, obvious. You may have had surgery, but even as medical progress esthest is inevitable, there will inevitably be a bump that can cause growth resistance, leaving uneven lines and dark red colors on your skin.

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If you want to, give yourself a meeting, try to recreate the original you

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