How on earth should 400 coffees be made on the Mad Max network? Let's explore the bottom with the dismantling of the ingredients and steps!

All over the world at home epidemic prevention, dare not go out to slip the holiday, you have been tired?

Recently, the community set off a "400 coffee" craze, emphasizing that will not cook, will not fire novice cooks can also make their own home a perfect cup of coffee! "400 coffee" will burst into the red, originally because the Korean variety show "new products listed convenience restaurant" to Macau out of the scene, in Macau, a "Han Ji hand coffee" simple home-made good coffee method, thus causing the Korean internet red, celebrities competing for challenges, only gradually spread to other regions.

Therefore, in fact, the "hand coffee" in Macau Road and the improved "400 coffees" in South Korea are actually different. How on earth are these two simple drinks made? Let's explore the bottom with the dismantling of the ingredients and steps! (Recommended reading: Coffee with cream, pop out a new taste!) Bulletproof Coffee)

Macau Hand-made Coffee - Add hot water and hot milk to flush it away

If you want to make your own cup of Macau hand-made coffee, you will need the ingredients to:

  • Instant coffee powder, one spoonful (two-in-one or three-in-one coffee does not apply)
  • Fine sugar, one teaspoon
  • Hot water, spoonful

In a ratio of 1:1:1, add the three original ingredients to the cup, mix well and start stirring continuously.

After stirring for about three to five minutes, you will get a creamy coffee cream (see below).

At this point, add hot water and milk, brew the coffee milk, and get a cup of "Macau hand-made coffee".

400 coffees in Korea - layered with ice cubes

If you want to make your own cup of Korean 400 coffees, the ingredients you'll need are:

  • Instant coffee powder, two keys (two-in-one or three-in-one coffee does not apply)
  • Fine sugar, spoonful
  • Hot water, two spoonfuls
  • Ice, less.

The same proportion of coffee is the same as macau hand-made coffee, the same is 1:1:1, but the amount of coffee needs is twice as much as hand-made coffee, so if you can use a blender, it will be more labor-saving! (Recommended reading: Coffee Little Knowledge: Why do instant coffees be made into "particle" shapes?) ) )

Stir the milk bubbles until the following dry foaming state to stop and prepare the dish.

Prepare a clear glass and add ice cubes to the cup with about 3/4 cups of milk.

Then place the served coffee milk bubble sits over the milk, as shown in the figure below.

One cup of 25% coffee milk bubble, 75% iced milk "Korean 400 coffee" complete!

To find out what desserts coffee cream bubbles can extend to make, see:

Epidemic prevention at home, in fact, through hand-made desserts, drinks, so that they can get rid of the space constraints of boredom, but also an alternative way to relieve pressure Oh. If you're tired of living on the couch every day, get up and go to the kitchen and have a cup of coffee!