Have you written a legacy for yourself? Life can not be mastered, we do not know whether will suddenly need to say goodbye, and through writing a legacy, you will find that you want to cherish the things.

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In 2020, the world seems to be in a state of panic over the time to say goodbye. The outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan came quickly and urgently, taking away many lives and allowing us to feel the difficult problem of saying goodbye.

Have you ever thought of leaving the world with any gesture?

You may think less about death, but the issue of life and death has always been close to us. You have come to life and will eventually leave, and knowing that the existence of death will make you feel more consciously about your relationship with the world and of the true desire in your heart. Now, start previewing ways to say goodbye together:

"Imagine you've been dead once" practice writing a legacy will tell you

The quickest way to organize your journey into life is to practice writing a last written book.

The benefits of the legacy of course have legal provisions, here to provide "barrister primary school" professional lawyers to advise everyone, and the internal text part, basically no system content, in addition to the name, date, you can chat about the way you want to be buried, property arrangements, and other blessings and thanks.

It's not hard to start writing. You can choose one or more people you trust and be close to as the object of your story, and imagine that you may be leaving soon, and what do you want to say to him? Do you want to say something? Try it once, and you may have a feeling that surprises you:

When you put your name and date on you, feel the time you spend in this world

The basic principle of the last is the need to write your name and the date you wrote it, and in that moment, it's also like confirming the path you've been on, and thinking about "who Am I am." Usually we don't realize how long we've been around, at some stage you've been through a lot of hard work, at some stage you seem to be stuck in place, and time has been moving and counting fairly.

Write your name and time on the last book, your age, like a self-review, ask yourself, the most proud or frustrating time in your life, and what do you want to say to yourself?

How do you want to be remembered for what you're doing and for distributing your property?

Then you can start thinking about how you want to be sent away. It's a very personal choice to tell the truth, for example, if you want to say goodbye to only your loved ones, to leave quietly, to want your healthy organs to be donated to others and to continue to live, or if you want to continue to protect the loved ones in the form of sea burials.

In formulating these wishes, you will also feel "I wish I'd been remembered like this", or you may find that you don't really need so much in your own right.

Give blessings and feel to the important people in your life

Finally, try to speak to the people around you. He may be someone you loved, your parents, or some special friend. Imagine this is the last time you can talk to them, and in this process you'll find out what he means to you, what you didn't want to miss, and so on.

Looking back, you will cherish the present more.

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