The Dictionary of Genders, today takes you to understand what gender temperament, gender identity, and sexual orientation are!

"Get your pink mask out!" 」

Since the 13th outbreak command center full of pink masks, in response to the reporter boy wearing a pink mask will be ridiculed for questioning, many people in the community to shine their own pink mask, want to let everyone know that can protect themselves is the most important, color-free gender, and whoever wears pink is very suitable.

Through the pink mask incident, parents are also very suitable to communicate with children gender education, to break the gender stereotype: for example, mistakenly think that girls should wear pink, to be obedient and quiet, boys should wear blue, to be lively and active, but also to learn more about several important gender nouns: "gender temperament", "gender identity", "sexual orientation".

Gender identity refers to an individual's perception of one's gender, which may differ from the individual's biological sex. For example, if the biological sex is female, the individual's gender identity may be male, or both female and male.

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Gender temperament can be presented in many ways, such as a rainbow spectrum, not absolute masculinity or femininity.

Do you know? On April 20, 2000, a boy in Gaoshu State, Pingdong, was found lying in a pool of blood in a school toilet. He died after being rushed to hospital. Ye Yong's delicate characteristics, let him be bullied by classmates, and his death, also made Taiwan rise to discuss the gender temperament.

We should let our children learn to respect the gender temperament of others, no matter what others do, what they wear, what they wear, it is what he likes, he wants, is loyal to their own preferences, is a brave and commendable thing.

So want to tell this worried parent, you should let the child know that the pink mask has nothing to do with gender, can protect themselves is a good mask Oh!

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A person's sexual orientation has many possibilities, we will grow with the pace, slowly explore their sexual orientation.

Can I wear a pink mask except for the question my child may ask you? Or maybe I ask you, can I like boys?
At this time, adults can guide and encourage children to explore their sexual orientation, while letting them know what kind of gender they like, is normal and natural.

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With this opportunity, the grown-ups are well suited to re-understanding the concept of gender, and with children to break the myth, a gender lesson! What other gender nouns do you not know? Welcome to leave a message below to ask questions, the gender dictionary next to see Luo!