Have you thought about the way you're going to be buried after you die? In recent years, the introduction of environmental protection of natural burial methods, such as tree burial, flower burial and sea burial, so that the ashes return to nature, but also in another form, long-term presence in the world.

In recent years, the Government or environmental groups have begun to implement the method of environmental protection of natural burial, that is, different from traditional burial or cremation, will be in the way of not erecting a monument tomb, not to be named, to save a lot of expenses, so that the remains return to the earth.

Traditionally, some family members may think that these new environmentally friendly natural burials, with no graves, no future remembrance, and the imagination of "soul homelessness". It's as if the ashes are scattered and returned to nature, and we will never feel him again.

However, to put it another way, some people love flowers and trees and choose tree burial, some people are full of belonging to the sea, or naturally drifting character, hope to die by the sea;

We list common tree burials, flower burials and sea burials for a brief introduction, and discuss the meaning of life:

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Want to be a tree for the next life: tree burial ceremony

Tree burial is defined as the way in which ashes are replanted in the cemetery or buried directly around the roots of trees. According to Taiwan's funeral regulations , non-toxic and decomposable environmentally friendly urns and urns are required to first apply and select points , and do not burn incense or paper money in the process . After a few months, the ashes will naturally melt into the earth, as if to show the true "into the earth for security".

A long time ago, a Korean drama "Blue Life and Death Love" actress En hee said that if there is a life, she wants to be a tree:

"When a tree is in one place, it doesn't move any more, so it doesn't have to be separated from the family." 」

The deep roots of the tree, and the nature of natural dependence, it is not easy to move and life toughness, will make people have a sense of security. Thus, the tree burial is also like in some form, and the loved ones will never be separated.

Life will bloom: flower burial ceremony

The pattern of flower burial ceremony and tree burial is the same, the difference is that the ashes will be scattered on the roots of the flower. In the process, pre-burial prayers and remembrances can be carried out in accordance with an individual's religious beliefs, followed by a dig around the flower roots to bury the ashes. During the period to maintain the original natural ecological integrity. In addition, there are "grass burials" that have been scattered with green grass.

Before you want to be buried, you can choose your favorite flower species. Take Yangmingshan Yushan Garden as an example, the park is planted with cherry blossoms, azaleas, camellias, laurel flowers and other 22 flower species, the four seasons take turns blooming.

And flowers bloom, also like to take us through another life meaning, but this time, you can choose the way you want to bloom.

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The sea is the happiest place: the sea burial ceremony

The method of sea burial is to throw ashes in the prescribed legal sea, the same can be packed into decomposable boxes or directly thrown. In the process, you can use petals or flowers instead of paper to remember the dead. Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, and for many people, returning to the sea after death and continuing to follow the flow may be a symbol of a return to nature. (Extended reading:"When you think of me, look at the sea" Taiwan's sea burial ceremony and significance)

There used to be a lot of celebrities for sea burials. As the writer Zhang Ailing wrote in his will, hope to be cremated immediately, not funeral ceremonies, such as in the land, will scatter the ashes to any place where the vast desert. After the sea burial to say goodbye to the world. Director Li An's father confessed before his death that he would scatter his ashes into the sea to fulfill his wish to look out for his hometown in China and protect Tainan. Ang Lee said:

"The sea is beautiful, the water is clear, all this is beautiful, my father walked very clean, I do not shed tears." 」

The reasons for choosing a sea burial vary, some people are yearning for freedom, want to be free, some people want to protect their families.

There are many rituals of saying goodbye, even if you don't remember, as long as it's your most comfortable form, your soul will be safe. By thinking about these things behind, it is not really to say goodbye, but to know the direction of life.

So, did you choose the way to say goodbye?