The pool of good rain in "The Couple's World" breaks the female imagination of the past after an affair with your husband, you can not choose gentle forgiveness;

Can we be loyal to a person for the rest of our lives?

Han drama "The Couple's World" with the old plot came out, from Mr. in order to find their self-esteem, after the affair many times quibbling unwilling to admit, to the wife can not bear the determination to divorce and fight for child custody process;

If you've followed in the show, you might soon find the character of the wife, "Ikea." Her distinctive personality, from exposing her husband to carrying out a revenge plan, is like breaking the mark, and without delay, the means to make your instincts so popular. Above all, her desires have always been clear.

Perhaps, in this kind of encouraging women to gently put down the traditional Asian culture, we need such a female role no longer to talk about forgiveness. (Recommended reading: For months of pregnancy, believing in love, he would only say "Wait for me" and "The Couple's World" marriage cheating problems)

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"The instinct of things, not just men" and I don't need to share my home with my son.

After discovering that Mr. Chi was having an affair, she did not delay for too long, and soon decided to "no longer forgive" and embark on the next path of revenge. And in the process, she has not shied away from expressing her desire; it seems that if anyone intended to take away what they have in their hands, I would not rest, let alone just a tame sheep of any slaughter.

For example, she said the words, "My home, my house, my life, what I want, I must not lose." Her goal is clear, is to take back control of life, and declare that if you no longer pay for this family, or even quietly hollow out my future with the children, then of course this family will not need you. In this regard, the pool of good rain finally even by drastic means, to obtain the custody of his son, so that the divorce war temporarily ended.

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Among them, she also had sex with her neighbors in order to obtain certain information and provoke her husband, and said one of the most interesting passages in the story:

"Women are not not cheating to not cheat, but as a husband and wife, must abide by good faith, only to exercise restraint. 」

And intellectually, although the pool good rain is also equivalent to the husband did the same thing, but compared to the husband has no sense of responsibility, just want to escape, lie; Maybe it's because she already knows what she's going to lose, but because she wants something so clearly, she's doing whatever it takes to exchange it.

She speaks up, desire snods who will have, but don't do it, you can choose.

This time, she thought she had chosen what she should have.

You can be soft, but soft with people

However, the pool good rain is not a cold person. Because of the defection, even the friends around her are the secret guardians of Mr. Affair, so she is almost alone. She has had several setbacks, swayed to be strong, all the way to dialogue and consultation with herself.

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And the only one closest to her may be the girl she saved from a violent dating relationship.

Yan Hyun-soi lives with her long-term domestic violence boyfriend and is often hit in the head and bleeds. Once hit by the pool of good rain, she saved the girl from the fire pit, but heard the girl say, "No one can accept him except me; 」

Hearing this, the pool of good rain seems to see himself, loudly to the girl scolded:

"Do you want to get entangled with that guy?" Waste your life only once? People don't change so easily. 」

With this mirror, she quickly realized the pitfalls between divorces; she put away her feelings for her husband, and didn't even give it away with a glimmer of hope. Because she understands that once the heart is soft, is to once again put their own life choice to the other side's hands.

You can be gentle, but if you find that the other person has no heart in this relationship, this marriage, then please put more gentle on yourself.

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In the face of the issue of husband affairs, women can play a very narrow imagination; Today, however, the pool of good rain is like a line of fire, a "do not forgive a woman" to try what? Back to real life, not everyone needs to be as strong as the pool of rain, but at least, you know you have the ability to fight back.