In recent years, the culture of female leadership has gradually affected the world situation, especially in the face of this epidemic, the impact is more significant.

In March 2019, in the March 2019 shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, Prime Minister Alden wore a Muslim turban to pay tribute to his family: "We should say the names of the victims who lost our lives, not the man who took the lives" and let us see New Zealand again with "mercy" as its new value; Na Marin, who is also the world's youngest prime minister, is born into a same-sex family, convinced that equality is the foundation of all development, and in January 2020, Taiwan's first female president, Tsai Ing-wen, is also the island's first female president, and taiwan's gay rights have made a big leap forward during her tenure.

In recent years, the culture of female leadership has gradually affected the world, especially in the face of this raging epidemic.

What do the best-performing countries in the outbreak have in common on April 13th? What Do Countries With Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders) lists the female leaders of Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark to see how they can face the new coronavirus crisis and demonstrate their leadership.

It mentions that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has appealed to the truth and asked the people to stand up, Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen has observed the situation in early January and decided to enact 124 related measures, and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has delivered the right message of the outbreak by working with influenced figures on social media.

President Tsai Ing-wen announced on April 1that that Taiwan would donate 10 million masks to support medical personnel in countries with severe outbreaks. Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Not only did the Fubys report, the Guardian wrote on April 11th that the secret weapon against the new coronavirus: The Secret Sins (The Secret weapon of the battle for the fight against the coronavirus: women) points out that Germany is under tight control, with a mortality rate of only 1.6%, compared with only one in New Zealand. Deaths (4 deaths as of 4/11 New Zealand by 4/11) and 4 deaths in New Zealand as of 4/11, while Taiwan has been within 400 confirmed cases due to initial mask control and various policy announcements, and 10 million masks have been donated to other countries to date.

Photo Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's prime minister.

Can we start and imagine different

The Guardian and CNN all combine the decision-making and leadership styles of today's female leaders to more than ever-present male leadership styles - in Norway, for example, Prime Minister Aina Selbeck held a press conference for children who took care of the panic of children in the midst of an outbreak that needed to be taken care of and valued, and let children know that it was normal to feel afraid.

On March 25, New Zealand in response to the outbreak announced into the city, Prime Minister Alden on the evening of the 25th immediately used Facebook live, the camera in front of her just after the child to sleep, for their home clothes to apologize for their own home clothes, and announced all with all the family into isolation.

Photo: Jacinda Ardern FB

She responds to people's questions in front of live cameras at a time of people's most fear and anxiety: "Until we see the positive impact of social isolation on us, remember to stay at home and disconnect from others to save many lives." 」

And Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen during the outbreak, not only on social media to interact with the public, encourage people to stay at home, but also in the recent pink mask incident, in response to the gender issue: "Masks are used to protect us, we do not need to use color to distinguish you and me, pink is not just a girl's color, Chen Shizhong minister has used action to show that boys are also very suitable." I hope you don't use stereotyped color to distinguish your choice. What's more, no matter what color the mask, can protect you is the most suitable. 」

Leadership, not just about the sudden individual's decisiveness, is about how you take care of different life experiences, not self-centered, but about allowing empathy to respond to diverse voices across race, gender, age, and religion. It can be said that the new coronavirus is currently facing a major crisis facing countries, but under this epidemic, the world has produced a new change, female leaders show decisive, caring, true, homogenous characteristics. And that can also be the kind of influence we can imagine that leaders can have, and women leaders can have.

Do you want to fight the terrible new coronavirus? Ask a female leader and she'll know.