Due to the impact of the outbreak of new corona pneumonia, the popular reality show "Double-Storey Apartment" announced the suspension of filming. Although in the short term can no longer see the reality show men and women in love development story, but we can still look back on the "2019-2020" wonderful and thought-provoking three paragraphs of dialogue, relive the joy of the play! (Inside text has thunder, read carefully)

The Netflix hit reality show "Double-Decker," popular with a wide audience, is always buzzing online every time a new season is released. However, just after the release of the third installment on Netflix in April, the production company announced that the show would be suspended after Episode 40 because of the outbreak, with the recovery schedule uncertain and all priorities for the safety and well-being of the staff and the guests.

After the news came out, "double-storey apartment" enthusiasts have said that although a pity but respect. Although in the short term can no longer see the reality show men and women in love development story, but we can still look back on the "2019-2020" wonderful and thought-provoking three paragraphs of dialogue, relive the joy of the play!

The following is thunder, please check.

Should you focus on a job, or become a slash youth?

Previously, we have taught our outlook on life in"Double-storey Apartment": Is the slash life full or simply goalless? The paper discusses the different views and definitions of the two slash youths and points out that "slash youth have no problem, the question is whether we really have the capabilities required for these roles". Xiangping and Spring Flower, members of the first generation, represent two different working attitudes. This conversation still seems interesting now:

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Spring flower: If someone hears you don't know what you're going to do, won't they hold back? You can say that to others, but you can still think about what you want to do. If you say to someone, 'I want to do it, and I want to do it, ' i'm afraid someone else will just think you don't have a center.

Xiangping: I can't understand yes, anyway, people who think like that, will gradually die, let them say what? People who can specialize in one thing are very handsome, but if a person has a lot of things to do, in this era is possible to do, it is also very handsome ah.

Xiang Ping, with diverse interests and personality, represents a group of young people who have a wide range of preferences and are unwilling to live only by "a job". Spring flowers, on the other hand, represent the majority of Japanese, and think it might be better to focus on a job and strive for the ultimate. What about you? What do you think about work? (Recommended reading: No matter how many slashes you have, the most important thing is to be "yourself")

What do you want when your dream comes to an end?

Among the first generation members, as a full-time illustrator, "Du Hao Xiang weaving" in order to pursue illustrator dream, give up high salary and stable life, for the dream of the appearance of efforts also let her attract a large number of audience appreciation. But in fact, in the program, in addition to can see the efforts of the fragrance weaving, bright side, we also see her confused, the process.

When the incense weaves a busy personal special, return to the apartment, talk to another female member of the spring flowers as follows:

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Xiang Weaving: When I was a freelance case painter, I talked down the work one by one, today those related people have come to congratulate me. I'll start thinking about what i'm going to do next.

Spring Flower: Change the bigger gallery to run the exhibition?

Xiang Weaving: Not just an exhibition, looking back on the three years of work, I'm wondering what to do next. Helping Hermes draw illustrations was my biggest dream, and recently Hermes began to approach me, although not sure, but when "the original dream has been real enough to come directly to talk about", at that moment I thought to myself: If this dream has been achieved, what should I do in the future?

Setting goals and dreams is to drive yourself to have more motivation to achieve, but few people want to dream of what happens after they have reached it. All the long look away, if there is naive arrival, the next step will go to where? The answer to xiang me is to start imagining the blueprint for the future, perhaps by drawing more illustrations, perhaps by doing more exhibitions. In short, with enthusiasm for illustration, continue to work forward, will always go to the next destination? (Recommended reading: Dreams can be big, work can be spelled: but when lazy, you don't be polite)

Don't you ever be loved, don't you know how to love?

Over time, "Topas", a third-generation member of "Double-Storey Apartments", is usually quiet and doesn't see any emotion. One day under the yellow soup, suddenly and female member "Viv" to discuss the views of love.

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Topaz believes that once a person is not loved, he or she will not know how to love others. Viv, on the other hand, takes a different view, she believes that a person must first learn to love themselves before they can know how to love others. The two discussed "Love and Being Loved" and had the following wonderful conversation:

Topaz: I just chatted with Ao, and I was eager to love, because I never thought anyone loved me. It should be difficult to love someone if he has not been loved.

Viv: No, I think a person can't love others if they don't love themselves. So it should be the reverse, you have to generate love from within yourself.

Topaz: That's just beautiful.

Viv: No, that's not pretty. You've always thought that your life would be the same as being manipulated and you'd lose control. I do not want to choose that life, I want to live in my, not in the influence of others to choose. At some point you have to grow up, and everything that happens now, whether you do good or evil, is your responsibility. It's actually easier to think about it, isn't it? Because no one can fix your life. Or when are you going to wait? Do you want to wait until someone else loves you? Take action yourself.

Topaz: That's ideal.

Viv: That's not ideal, that's the only way. Because you can't change other people's hearts. Even if you wish you could love you, if you're not interested in you, you're going to be okay. Topaz, you are a very kind person, and I believe you are very strong, so you don't say that. Don't say you haven't been seen so you don't know how to get it, you know it. Every morning you always get up first to wash dishes and tidy the house, don't you think that's a sign of love? Be gentle and kind to others. So you don't lie, don't say you don't know how to love, you clearly know what love is.

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Everyone has different opinions about being loved and being loved. In the face of a low-tide Topaz, Viv offers another way of thinking, even encouraging Topas, stressing that he "has learned how to love" and does not need to see himself as pathetic and self-defeating.

And back to the discussion of love, did not experience the feeling of being loved, of course may not know how to love, but as life grows, we should also at some point realize that life is in their own hands, assuming that has not been loved, we have their own love, no longer hope to others, no longer expect others to solve their own problems. (Recommended reading: Do you remember to love yourself before you love your lover?) ) )

It's a shame that "Double-Storey Apartment" has announced a suspension of filming and broadcast, but there are many passages worth reminiscing about and pondering in the first 36 episodes. During the epidemic prevention at home, you may wish to revisit these classic bridge sections, in addition to looking at the complex emotional lines between the characters, but also can understand the truth of life!