Change jobs or find a side job? Or quit your job first to find out about new possibilities? Next, you'll find your life position through three steps!

We may have thought that entering the workplace symbolizes the need to explore, no longer have to bother to understand what field, the job is best for themselves. It wasn't until a few years of work that I realized that my passion was not in the field where i was now, that I wanted to switch runways, but i couldn't find your place.

At the moment you, is stuck in the dilemma of the position: should change jobs or find a side job? Or quit your job first to find out about new possibilities?

Senior publicist Ding Lingxuan once said that when setting life goals, the most important thing is to ask yourself what you want and what you want to be, and to list a step to think about how you can achieve it, and to put it into action:

And she went on to propose the concept of the so-called "golden intersection", that is, through a lot of groping, to find out the best fit for their own work portfolio.

Next, you'll find your life position in three steps:

20 years old, don't need to worry, a lot of trial and error

Ding suggests that at the age of 20 is to explore and try a wide range of years.

At the age of 20, there's no hurry to go and try and go wrong. In the past, we used to think that since we want to make changes, we must ensure that the next choice and action is the right, to change jobs, to change to a very satisfied work area, but in fact, this is just to set a line for yourself, such as you feel that you want to do writing work, does not mean that you can only become a reporter or editor, perhaps in the marketing field you can find a satisfactory position.

Ding, for example, used advertising essays, lecturers, computer teaching, marketing planning, and public relations in her 20s. By engaging with different jobs, a lot of try ingesting different work groups, may be you are not good at, not interested in the position, but can help you tap more personal potential, or you may know that they are not suitable for doing, originally in a certain aspect of talent.

30 years old, looking for a golden intersection

Thirty is to take on a lot of 20 years old try, Ding Lingxuan believes that in this period, you can find your "golden intersection." She gave examples, she worked in the technology industry for more than ten years of experience, and finally sat in the public relations position, so think that "techX PUBLIC relations" is their own golden intersection of life, but also affect her later choose to technology public relations as the positioning of entrepreneurship.

After a lot of trial and error, you've accumulated deep experience and knowledge that can help you think deeper - what do you love and do? So you can put together the work you've done, which field is the position you most aspire to and have the opportunity to achieve, find intersection, circle, congratulations, you have found the so-called "golden intersection."

40 years old, zoom in on life keywords

If so, what keywords would you like to put in front of your name? Writer, creator, media man, PR or marketing?

The next step in finding a cross point is to zoom in on the keywords, delve into the field of expertise, and, if there is a future opportunity, to use the field as a spindle and expand into other areas, then personal traits and expertise will be visible to the public.

Three steps to find the positioning of life, you, now in the mind of what want to do? Write it down, list the steps for yourself, practice step by step, and finally you will find the most suitable for yourself, your own interest, can let you burn enthusiasm of life goals.