"The King: The Forever Monarch", starring Li Min-yin and Jin Gaoyin, talks about the romantic crossing of two parallel worlds, and is full of suspense. Vaguely, we are always attracted to a particular force or a particular person;

Alice could not bear her curiosity and chased it tightly. She saw the rabbit go into the rabbit hole under the fence, and she immediately followed ,......, Alice couldn't hold her feet, so one of the guys fell down. Drop, drop, drop, fall down, fall to when is it finished? Alice in Wonderland

The Korean drama "The King: The Eternal Monarch" opened on April 17th, and the discussion included a male and female cast of Li Min-yin, Jin Gaoyin, the script creating a sense of suspense at both ends of the parallel world, as well as a romantic narrative line with fairy tale concepts, time and space to catch up with the road.

(See it as a result of the play below)

In pictures, "The King: The Forever Monarch"

The Korean Empire and the Republic of Korea are parallel time and space sides, in which the hero is the Korean Empire Emperor Li Wei, who witnessed a plot when he was eight years old, someone tried to usurp and kill his father;

And 25 years later, Li Wei one day for unknown reasons for a woman wearing a rabbit costume to attract, he in order to catch up with each other into the bamboo forest, and through a door, officially came to the parallel time and space of the Republic of Korea, and met the real Zheng TaiYi.

Everything is like his favorite fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland, because of his inner-driven curiosity, followed the rabbit fell into the rabbit hole, and at the end of the hole waiting for him what would be? Take stock of the play's four classic lines to see their romantic fantasy adventure!

"Your life really needs a little fairy tale. 」

Li, who witnessed his father's murder as a child, did not trust others easily and often left the palace for various sports in order to relieve himself. Such as horse riding, participation in boating competitions, etc. And his only cronies, but also grew up with him to grow up with the guard Cao Ying (Yu Huan) is always ready to guard in the side, bitter heart.

Once, Li Wei in order to catch up wearing rabbit clothes people suddenly ran away from Cao Ying's sight, waiting for Cao Ying to keep up with when asked the reason, Li Wei said "I saw the white rabbit," at this time Cao Ying a little poured cold water said "what do you see?" Is it a pocket watch or a white rabbit? Li Wei thinks Cao Ying's life is too strict and demanding, saying he should "need a little fairy tale".

Li Wei's obsession with Alice in Wonderland also foreshadowed his next adventure of breaking into parallel time and space. Like what attracted him in the corner of the world, his life was destined to jump into the rabbit hole.

In pictures, "The King: The Forever Monarch"

"Because you're good enough to grow up, you're good enough to need no one's help." 」

How long will the childhood regrets follow us?

At one point, Li recalled the memory of being eight years old, when he picked up the police license of "Zheng Tai B" and thought it would be an important person. However, he never saw the man again.

He asked his cronies, Cao Ying, why didn't he show up again? And why are you always attracted to similar faces, such as a woman in a rabbit costume, and can't help but go after it? At this time Cao Ying gently comforted him that "things have been twenty-five years", and "you have also been excellent grown up, excellent enough to need no one's help." 」

It's like saying that we're deeply influenced by childhood and have a lot of uncontrollable behavior patterns;

In pictures, "The King: The Forever Monarch"

"It turns out you're at the other end of the universe, it's that you really exist." 」

After Lee accidentally broke into the Republic of Korea in parallel time and space, the first person he met was the policeman Zheng Tai-e. He recognized each other and gave him an excited hug, saying, 'After 25 years, I finally saw you, and thank you, I didn't feel lonely because of you.'

Originally at the other end of the universe, this person really exists, he looked for more than twenty years of answers to make the reveal, a surprise and comfort, like to learn that he is uncontrollable by the "rabbit hole" to attract the reason.

"It took me twenty-five years to see you, and I hope it will be a little longer today. 」

However, Zheng Taib i never knew him.

As a serious crime team criminal police, Zheng Taiyi first riding a white horse, violating the road traffic law, full of nonsense, and casually hugged and touched the police "madman" into the police station. However, after a series of DNA investigations, it was never known the man's origins.

In pictures, "The King: The Forever Monarch"

At the same time, Li Wei still believe sin, and said affectionately, it took me so long to meet you, I hope today can be a little longer. His various lovely acts and romantic statements, although let Zheng Tai to turn white eyes, but also slowly remove the heart, began to be willing to believe what the other side said.

The charm of the cross-play may lie in satisfying our imaginations about uncontrollable fate. Believe that there is another parallel time and space at that end of the world, that we will always be attracted to a particular force or a particular person;

And are you ready to fall into the rabbit hole of love and fantasy?