"Hello, I am the ghost mother" broadcast the finale, let a vote audience moved to tears. Through ten classic lines, we finally understand that when lost to become a reality that we have to face, we can still maintain the connection with the lost people, but also can carry the strength to live.

Recently popular Korean drama "Hello, I am a ghost mother" to the ghost mother as the theme, depicting the deep feelings between people, since the broadcast has been well received by the audience. And the South Korean actor Kim Tae-hee, who plays the heroine, plays a funny and warm performance in the play, which also adds a lot of perspective to the play. The plot focuses on a mother who died in a car accident, "Che Yuli" (Played by Kim Tai-hee), who struck a 49-day adventure to return to "the world", with laughter and tears in the search for a family, and many netizens crying as they chased the play.

A few days ago, the play broadcast the final back, the final direction of the plot is to earn people tears. The following with ten classic lines, take you together to review "Hello, I am the ghost mother", those who want to see but can not see the pain, want to love but can not love the tangle. (Recommended reading:"The pain of losing a child, no words can be described" Korean drama "Ha-Hsing, I am a ghost mother" tear-jerking launch)

"Hello, I'm A Ghost Mom" series on Netflix

1. What a wonderful thing I'm alive and still breathing

People always have to wait until after the passing to understand that the original reach of everything, in fact, is not taken for granted. Wake up in the morning to see a lover, can chat with friends at ease, can hold the child's warm little hand, can live, can breathe, it is such a beautiful thing.

2. I know I should go, but I just want to see one more look

In fact, all parents are the same, clearly know that they should leave the child, also know that let go of the child forward is the best, but always reluctant, always want to put the child's appearance into the eye.

3. Just as all tunnels have exits, there is no eternal suffering in the world, and there is no eternal pain.

Love and pain can be transformed into different forms, coming at us at any time. How happy to be loved, and equal pain when hurt, and precisely because no one can control it, the only thing we can do is to grasp the present and believe that everything will pass.

4. Parting always comes in an instant

How many people can really say goodbye when you say goodbye?

"Hello, I'm A Ghost Mom" series on Netflix

5. We must comfort ourselves and find ourselves a way to live with the pain

If a loved one dies, it is a wound that never stops the pain. The task of the person who survives is to find a way to live with the pain, to help the absent people live a good life, to help those who are not present to take good care of themselves.

6. After death, it became realize that my life was not just about me.

Death divides humanity hard, but if there is an opportunity for the dead to speak, perhaps they will realize that life is not just their own. Those who have walked the road, met the people, and their own lives overlap with each other, everyone's life is in fact closely linked.

7. The best thing you feel when you live is to show love to the person you love and to thank you for your gratitude

The most beautiful thing one can do to another is to try to love him. This is true of family, friends, and lovers. No wonder "Ghost Mom" thinks that the best thing to do to live is to "tell the love to the person you love"!

8. Parents who have lost their children do not have a specific name because the pain is indescribable

The play is full of gold sentences, can not be missed is also "car Yuli" mother "all Enshu" heart-wrenching to say this passage: "the woman who lost her husband is called a widow, the man who lost the wife is called a widower, the child who lost the parents called the orphan, but the parents who lost the child have no specific name, because the pain can not be added, indescribable." 」

"Hello, I'm A Ghost Mom" series on Netflix

9. Only death can understand the beauty of life

If we must experience loss in order to understand how valuable what we have now, then perhaps we can through the "Ghost Mom" play to try to the same reason, experience the characters in the play face the pain of losing love, and look back to cherish the precious things around us. (Recommended reading: When the world knows that your husband cheated on the classic line of "The Couple's World": "The past years, can you really forgive for the rest of your life?" "

10. In a world where the unpredictable future is unpredictable, nothing will happen to me

The future is unpredictable, we can never be sure what will happen, and we can't tell if it's going to happen. Since the past to the law reverse, not to come to the law ahead of time, it is better to note when, live in this moment!

"Hello, I am a ghost mother" drama, bring out a lot of deeply moving family issues, but more important is to teach us, when the loss has to face the reality, how can we continue to maintain the link with the lost people, and how can the strength to live.