On these difficult times, people need more warm and healing companionship than ever before. Finland's creative team, Cup of Therapy, has drawn a number of reassuring illustrations for this purpose.

"Don't be afraid, when it's over, we'll embrace each other harder than ever before." 」

Physical contact can break, 1.5 meters away is necessary, when we look out of the window, or through a small screen to see the person in mind, gradually realize that this is the most difficult time we have encountered. But it is also in this difficult day, people than ever before need warm healing companionship.

Finland's creative team, Cup of Therapy,is made up of psychotherapy experts Antti Ervasti, Elina Rehmone and illustrator Matti Pikkujamsa, who specialize in painting cute black-and-white animals, and are comfortable with warm words, with simple illustrations that have also been published in a book, and a book, "Heart tired, hold it."

People have recently had to stay at home because of the severe outbreak, and Cup of Therapy has drawn lots of illustrations to add hope and happiness to those who stay at home, sharing ten cute illustrations to heal your epidemic-prevention life. (Extended reading: Long-distance home-working diaries , unusual days, the more common the way to live)


"Even in the most difficult times, it's important to focus on the good things," the Cup of Therapy reads. Take the time on yourself and think about what you're most grateful for at the moment. You can convey gratitude through positive actions and show your empathy to others. 」

#媽媽, don't watch too much news.

Receiving news is important, but sometimes things come quickly and anxiously, our hearts have not yet had time to digest, the next news will follow. Occasionally put down your phone and turn off your TV, you need to keep yourself a little away from the world.

#即便一個人, don't hide yourself.

You live alone, this moment becomes more difficult, stay in a small room, only to be able to touch the world through a window. But yes, you have friends and family, and then you call to greet each other, listen to each other's voices, or invite them to share a video dinner together. Even if the days are lonely, you should not forget that someone can support you.

#積極的行動, let your heart go

The news says 10 new cases, 20 new cases, mobile phone jumps out to notify a district of the death toll is rising. Our hearts fluctuate with numbers every day, making you feel like you're living like days, always filled with uncertainty, panic, and anxiety. You can bring your heart back to the ground and make every moment better through positive action.


It seems to give people a sense of security by buying up large quantities, but the outbreak is not a reason for people to be selfish. A little more empathy, a little more comity, we can unite against the virus.

#你在這裡, that's the greatest affirmation for me.

Be able to get through all the difficulties by loving and accompanying each other.

#你想說話, I'm right here.

When you meet family and friends who are depressed and depressed, you need to be empathy and gentle, and tell them, If you want to say, I'll be here with you.

#其實我真的很喜歡, you're stupid enough to make me happy.

"We all need a friend or family who won't give up on us, and remind ourselves that they are important," The Weather wrote. 」


Be sure of yourself, believe that you are good enough, but also believe that you deserve to be loved.

#最好的時刻, you hold me tired.

How long have you not had a good hug with your family? The strength of the hug is great enough to calm a person's anger and tiredness. Go and hold the person who is important to you and believe that you have the strength to catch anyone.

We always go fast, forget to see who is around, forget the original best days are not in the future, but every moment, to say what the outbreak left behind, perhaps, is that we begin to have the power to take their own, but also to undertake others.