The 39th Hong Kong Academy Awards trailer has attracted hundreds of thousands of views since it was released. They say it is a time to tell hong Kong, the past year we have experienced loneliness, fear, and courage.

"The same thing, put on different people, has different meanings. San Jose Murders

The 39th Hong Kong Academy Awards will be held on May 6 and will be held directly on the Internet this year because of the outbreak. On April 20th, the official release of a three-minute or so trailer that had already racked up nearly 400,000 views in less than three days. The film's results have caused a heated debate, netizens have said, like a true reflection of the current situation in Hong Kong wonderful works.

Since the outbreak of the anti-transmission campaign in Hong Kong in June 2019, we have seen countless violent and dead lives, and the people of Hong Kong have gone to the streets to fight for their rights and livelihoods, and they have lost a lot and the future has been delayed.

Our Hong Kong special correspondent interviewed Ms Wu ten months after the incident, describing the moment she was caught, "the police were armed, we were in a state of human flesh" and that after she accused the Hong Kong police of sexual violence, she continued to be subjected to sexual humiliation by all parties, including smearing her chaotic private life and intimidating her. (Continue reading: Real name accuses Hong Kong Police of sexual violence, and then what? Interview with Wu Ao Xue: I am questioned about the legitimacy of being a victim .

It's a long road, and looking back on these films, let's focus once again on those who work for love and freedom.

"This is the paradise we once owned, this was our paradise, this is our paradise. (This used to be our playground.) This was our playground. This is our playground - "The Teenager's You"

Photo A photo of "You as a Teenager"

"Eating spicy is a pain, covering another pain. " The Taste of Peppers"

Photo : "The Taste of Peppers"

"Shouldn't man be born free?" " Back to School"

Photo: "Back to School"

"You know what I'm most afraid of?" I am most afraid of the dark, but there is no light, no sound, only endless darkness. " - Shadow"

Photo: A photo of the film

"It's not just her who's weak, it's you, it's me." "You of a Teenager"

Photo A photo of "You as a Teenager"

"Do you know where the most horrific crime scene is?" Crime Scene

Photo : Crime Scene

"In the event of injustice, I must come forward. " Ye Ask4"

Photo: "Ye Q 4"

"What if we've worked hard and the world hasn't changed?" " The Taste of Peppers"

Photo : "The Taste of Peppers"

"As long as you're alive, there's hope." " Back to School"

Photo: "Back to School"

"How far is it forever?" Forever is from now until the end of the universe. So what about the end of the universe? "King of New Comedy"

Photo : "King of New Comedy"

"As long as you lose, I won't lose." "You of a Teenager"

Photo A photo of "You as a Teenager"

A movement will not only speak of courage, it also contains more loneliness, fear, and despair, however, as Liu Dehua said in the film, "Maybe I can't accompany you for a lifetime, but at least, I can accompany you through this tunnel." 」

If we are still with each other, we can go on.