Take a look at the possible impact of male participation on advancing gender parity through the speeches of actor Wu Yiren.

If, 20 years ago, the death of Rose Teenager Ye Yong made society begin to pay more attention to the importance of gender parity. So what else can we do to make the gender environment better in 2020, the 20th anniversary of Yeyong's death?

To create a gender-friendly environment, the participation of all is essential. Among the many participants, "male participation" also represents a different meaning - when men are willing to understand and agree that "the rigidity of patriarchal society" and the worship of masculinity are harmful to the gender environment, it may make more people feel accepted and released. But what are the ways when men want to be involved in gender issues?

Today, let's take a look at the possible impact of male participation on advancing gender parity through a speech by actor Wu Yiren.

Are men and women really equal?

On April 15, 2020, Wu posted on Facebook that he had different views on the current state of "equality between men and women", as follows:

In the text, Wu mentioned different gender issues such as "equal pay for equal work" and "reviewing victims", and expressed his feelings, "As a boy, I also feel that I also have some aspect of the women's vision of lack of respect for introspection." According to the Gender Survey of the Ministry of Labour, from 107 to 109, the average monthly salary of men and women is still between 5,000 and 10,000. (Recommended reading:2020 Taiwanese Pay Survey!) 52 more days of work for women to be paid equally with men)

Picture: Screenshot from the Ministry of Labour

At this moment, Wu Yanren's feelings, is reminding us, in fact, want to make society better, want to make the gender environment more friendly, we can start from the reflection of their own situation to understand, and after understanding loudly say your feelings, express their views.

When everyone finds a problem and is willing to throw a problem, the field self-dialectics, and the people around them think together, is one of the best and fastest ways for men to participate. And Wu's feelings about gender issues, in fact, is not the first time.

If you really love a child, you shouldn't let him live in the world of Chumen.

Back in 2019, in the face of the growing anti-Semitic and anti-sex education referendum, Mr. Wu also posted on Facebook, in part:

Based on respect for children and the right to know, Wu expressed support for the implementation of sex education, but also stressed that children should not be raised in the world of Chumen. In the same year, Wu also participated in a film encouraging women to explore the body, "Undivided Women", from sex education issues to women's body issues, Wu Yiren personally participated in, voice, it is not difficult to see his attention to gender issues.

Wu's example, let us see, if you are a man with more voice, in this "seemingly" male-friendly patriarchal society, you can still make more people understand through observation, reflection, that we should work together to create a more gender-diverse and equal era.

If you want to know, more male engagement methods: