If you also want to start paying for the planet, share with you 10 things you can do every day, and what else can you do besides save water and turn off lights?

This year marks the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day, and we see that at a time when humans are resting, the Earth is beginning to have some slightly altered animals having living space and natural beauty re-emerging, all of which are reminding us that as long as we act together, there is a possibility of change. (Extended Reading: World Earth Day 50th Anniversary: Is It Possible to See This After the Outbreak?) ) )

So if you also want to start paying for the planet, share with you 10 actions you can do every day, in addition to saving water, turning off lights, how can you do environmental protection?

1. Use of eco-friendly bags, cups, environmental boxes

Taiwan's environmental awareness has increased in recent years, so there are many environmental protection products on the market, hoping that everyone can reduce the use of disposable tableware or paper cups. Here want to take everyone to understand is, want to start doing environmental protection, do not necessarily have to buy a called "environmental bag", "environmental protection box" supplies, if the home already has plastic bags or lunch boxes, you can carry it with you. As long as it can be reused, it is environmental protection!

2. Reuse cans

Life will often need to buy a variety of cleaning supplies, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish washing essence and so on, long-term purchase down, bottles and cans are inevitable. But now some businesses, will encourage you to bring bottles and cans to the scene to fill hand-washing milk, laundry detergent, etc. home, will be better than buying supplementary bags.

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3. Use cloth tampon, moon cup

Have you ever thought about trying something different? Girls have to use physical supplies one week a month, whether it's tampons or tampons, inevitably producing garbage. It is recommended that you want to start reducing waste generation, and using a cloth tampon or moon cup is a good choice, while also reducing odors from blood contact with plastic products.

It is recommended that girls in the first use, can be used with the general tampon or tampon staggered, slowly observe their blood volume, understand the required number of cotton / moon cup, and try to see different brands, there will be more motivation to persevere!

4. Reused makeup remover

Are you used to going out with makeup every day? When you get home, you'll use at least 1-2 pieces of makeup remover, but now there are a lot of reusable makeup remover, you can use it for at least 2 months, as long as you have cleaned, repeatedly take to wipe your face, remove makeup is no problem. Alternatively, you can use a cloth that is suitable for wiping your face at home, cut into small pieces sewn, and is a makeup remover that can be reused.

5. Apply for e-invoices/e-bills

From breakfast, lunch to dinner, if you add a hand-held drink, a day at least 3 invoices, plus this month's insurance, loans, mobile phone bills, electricity, the paper is also very much space. In fact, you can apply for electronic invoices in the Ministry of Finance electronic invoice integration service platform, the future in the super-business or supermarket consumption, directly the invoice there is an electronic carrier, each month can also help you automatically award, very convenient;

6. Eat just good food

Every meal is just good, but it's important to protect the planet. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about 1.3 billion of the world's food is wasted each year, and these amounts can solve the hunger problem of 3 billion people. We often accidentally buy or eat too much food because of discounts, not only hurt the body, but also waste. The best way is to know your appetite, eat when you really want to eat, eat just the amount of good food.

7. Donate/Sell Useless Things

Some clothes can not be worn, old books can not be thrown away, may wish to share through the second-hand shop or donation platform to the need for people. Cherish every item around, let it find a good attribution, you can create a good habit of use.

8. Buy unpackaged food

There are many boxed, bagged vegetables in the supermarket that look beautiful and easy to buy. But if there are bags in the home can be reused, recommend everyone to take a trip to the traditional market or farmers market, there will be a lot of unpackaged fresh vegetables, their own bag shopping, you can reduce the use of red and white plastic bags Oh!

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9. Try a day without meat

According to the information provided by the Environmental Information Centre, animal husbandry has a great impact on global warming, and human flesh-eating habits actually harm the earth's environment. Many people are now advocating for Vegan' life, not only to protect the planet, but also to cherish the lives of animals. It's not easy to get rid of the meat-eating habit sat, but we can give ourselves a chance to try a "one-day meat-free" diet. (Extended reading: Five delicious food and vegetable shops for meat eaters toeasily step out of their comfort zone if you want to eat a vegetarian diet.

10. Recycling

Inevitably, the use of bottles and cans of paper, it must do a good job of garbage classification, including electrical appliances, kitchen waste, etc. , according to the classification standards recycled, so that these items have the opportunity to reuse. Let's get into the habit of recycling together!

10 little things in everyday life that you can pay for the planet. What did you do today, or what do you have to share in the way you love the earth? Welcome to leave a message below!