Home Healing Recipes Third Round, let's try the dreamy and fun crystal frozen cake!

During the spread of the epidemic, if you are looking forward to home for a long time, more and more boring, you may want to try "cook for yourself"!

According to Julie Ohana, an American food cooking therapist, cooking is an effective way to relax and self-care in addition to feeding your stomach. Through cooking, people can temporarily get away from real life's busyness and stress, focus on the meal in front of them, and thus achieve the effect of releasing stress. And if you want to make healing food, we've previously introduced the Home Healing Recipe, known as "Japan's first delicious" cheesecake, which can also be homemade at home! At home, eat more food at home, self-made IKEA classic meatballs, eat how much to eat! It's not.

Home Healing Recipes Third Round, let's try the dreamy and fun crystal frozen cake! Hiroya Tsunekawa, a Japanese dessert maker, tweeted a recipe for "Rainbow Crystal Cake", which caused online challenges with colourful and bright colors, creating an alternative #stayhomechallenge. Follow in the footsteps of the Japanese dessert maker now, from the homemade cake bar.

Photo: Hiroya Tsunekawa Twitter

The ingredients you will need are:

Chilling Powder 4 g

Water 150cc

Sugar 60 g

Milk 300cc

Ice syrup (or juice): 20cc per color, available as you like

Photo: Hiroya Tsunekawa Twitter

Practices and steps:

1. Mix and mix 4 g of cold powder, 150cc water and 60g caster sugar, then heat on the oven until hot.

2. Add 300cc milk to step 1, mix the milk well with it and, when finished, cool in the fridge until cured to gildine.

3. Take out another pot and repeat step 1.

4. Stir 300cc of water into a second pot, then add 20cc of iced syrup (the brighter the color is more crystal), and again place the basin in the fridge to cool it.

5. Refrigerate all the mixtures for about half an hour, remove from the fridge and swing the tray (the color side will be facing up).

Photo: Hiroya Tsunekawa Twitter

Photo: @_0nico Twitter

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