The Taiwanese idol drama If it's a person, talk about "loneliness" again. Will it be a person, we can get close to the most real self?

"Well, dare you go to eat a spicy pot alone?" 」

A few years ago, the network passed a lonely scale, the first level is to go to the supermarket, the tenth level is a person to do surgery, several articles write, careful, lonely sad also hurt, do not try easily. A few days ago, women fans asked everyone on IG what one dared to do, and more than 500 readers had a resonance with one person. And the Taiwan idol drama "If it is a person", written in the main character Fang Jiaying and designer boyfriend Yang Dahe after the break-up, she began to get used to a person's life.

It's not easy to live alone? It's not difficult to change your room light bulb, the coffee shop is suitable for going alone, even to eat in the restaurant, now is the location of the personal table. Although sometimes you will still be unbearable to live with yourself, you will still be afraid that you are alone in the eyes of others, not look sad.

From "If a Person", sharing five lonely philosophy, there is no such day, loneliness is no longer a kind of injury, not to mention a kind of indifferent to the strength, but our choice, back to their most comfortable state.

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"Eating this kind of thing, in fact, is very simple, but do not know why, eating more and more more than just eat. Sometimes, it becomes a hint, sometimes it is a confirmation of a relationship, sometimes, it is also an emotional exchange, perhaps, some things are really more suitable for a person to eat. 」

I don't know when to start eating becomes less pure. As the main character Fang Jiaying said, is an emotional hint, a relationship confirmation, and a person to eat, like implying that all people: they are not loved, no one cares.

But just as in the first episode, Lin Xin is sitting alone in a hot pot shop, contented to stare at the hot pot, although the world is always unfair to a person (yes, one person eats with money) to simply enjoy the food, one person two people what difference?

"There must be someone in this world who knows you.
"What if you don't get lucky?" 」
"It's like a lifetime holiday?" That's not good.

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"All human troubles are the troubles of interpersonal relationships. This is the basic concept of Adler psychology. Relationship interactions are bound to be accompanied by challenges and difficulties, including fear of being hated and fear of being injured in a relationship. If you really can't meet the person who really understands you, it is as a holiday, enjoy the loneliness of carefree, the most important thing is whether you can really understand yourself.

"Dare to eat a spicy pot?" What's the problem? People who will ask this kind of question, basically dare not a person, otherwise how dare and dare not think of this option? 」

For many people, eating alone can be particularly difficult, and even if we can sit alone in a restaurant, we choose to hang up our headphones or stare at the phone screen and refuse to divert our attention. It's always hard to face, the moment we're alone, when we're disconnected from the world. But is it possible to give yourself a chance to do nothing, simply eat lunch, and really face "one self"?

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It's not that I don't love you, I just want to live a life

We always thought that falling in love meant living overlapping lives, that it meant facing our partner without reservation and changing ourselves to suit each other, but we forget that even together doesn't mean that we have to be someone else and live like ourselves.

Now in the relationship you, do you have a feeling of depression? Remember to reserve some space for the self, love, does not mean to change their own overall Oh.

Photo A photo of "If it's a Man"

Like a person, is the beginning of loneliness, think that will be rewarded, but the world is not what is equivalent.

Five sentences of "If a person" in the line, write a person's life of the voice. Perhaps there is a kind of lonely appearance, is I choose to honestly face their own good and bad, honestly accept every second of emotion, to feel in the lonely and happy moment of their own, re-understanding the physical and psychological needs.

So we are in solitude, step by step closer to the truth.