you know what instagram is?This is a smartphone-specific application that is somewhat similar to a microblog, but is primarily a social service that takes photos and pictures to share as a master.With simple cutting and filter functions, we can interact directly with global netizens, and this year's 85 Oscar will interact with netizens through the instagram !We have specially selected a few of the behind-the-scenes images that we especially like, and come and see what Oscar is!Welcome to direct follow 's instagram !

The most beautiful

of the most satisfied

Anheywai got the Best Supporting Actress for Best Supporting Actress (see the pure and sensitive woman-Anheysewy ), and slowly walked back to her seat and looked at her graceful way of taking a trophy and a shallow smile on her face, as if it were all that she had.

A hug of the feud:

, and the two of them have a deep hug, and then they go to their own direction, especially interesting."The two men have also been given the most emotional speeches by the most touching speeches.

Paip station good:

little gold medal winners at the line!It's a fancy way to keep a low profile!

Small kimm can also be eaten:

you enter the approach, some snacks will be offered to big stars, and Jin Guangshang's little golden man is also inspired by the dish!Even though this filter has a better choice, it seems to be a better choice.

Gold envelope most important:

“ and the Oscar goes to .... ”, the golden envelope to look like this

many people:

press room will be here to receive interviews and take pictures!(Li An also has a global visit here)

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2013 Oscars

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> > Best Actress Award: Dear Pat & Tiffany

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