2013, the Oscars wore the most gorgeous dress and looked forward to receiving the little gold.Before holding the gold, of course you can't miss the stars' performance red In addition to the exquisite dress, the hairstyle is more stylish than that of the dragon.How will the women's stars match with them?Let's take a look at this annual fashion moment!

Years of graceful curl hair

Elegant curly hair meets all familiar and unfamiliar women's images, and what actress would have chosen to use curly hair and dress with curly hair?Let's see!

The first superstar is Jessica Chaste, with an elegant and curly hair showing her charming style, and making the media flock to the most touching oscars of her calendar year.

Reese Witherspoon, a graceful blue shoulder gown, and her golden curly hairs on the side of the Reese Widow, blazed out to the bottom of her self-confidence.

The blond is blonde and the mystery of black hair is intoxigation.Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas were present at the ceremony, and were confident that she would show her a good posture.

First let us congratulate the Adele on the SKYFALL for the Singing Crisis " "> Get the best song from Oscar, she's qualified to be the national treasure of the UK!This time, she chose to use the princess's head to present her graceful and curly hair, and a black dress made her feel comfortable and elegant.

's like any outfit on Nicole Kidman, which she chose to make her long hair and leave a few twisty rolls, leaving her unique natural and elegant elegance.

If you're afraid of pure curly hair and learn about Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) A long hair side will be your best choice.I don't know if you remember that when Kristen was filming < princesses and hunters >, she was injured, and didn't know whether the Oscar red carpet was relapsing again."I don't know, but it's still beautiful."The spirit of not supporting the staff of the crutch was touched by all the media in the field.

Lovers like the first love of a

The simple straight hair, sometimes charming, can be used to attack and retreat.Then let's continue to appreciate the elegance of the straight hair on the Oscar's red carpets.

Forever sister Jennifer Aniston ( Jennifer Aniston ) With long blond hair, she maintained her traditional American style, and the elegance of the gown wrinkles was a simple design, and the red handbag made the perfect match of the whole color perfect together.

If the hair is graceful, Sandra Bullock's straight hair is another elegance.If the hidden lace is designed, one of the eyes of the ceremonial dresses is bright.


A girl who wants to expose the graceful forehead and necks, what to do?Why don't you just cut a long hair?Look at how the stars on the red carpet interpret the hair styling between short hair and long hair!

First and foremost is our sweetest, purple and pony dress: a man who is bent down and tidying her dresses.

the Quvenzhan é, encircled by Beasts of the Southern Wild Wallis is the most stunning child of ten years.With a lovely and pure blue dress with a cute and genuine Yorkshire doggy bag, she added a fresh, fresh, fresh and fresh piece of fresh air to the Oscar's red carpet.Is it a little bit more fun, with a little bit of fun, and a little hair band?

star Jennifer Lawrence, who has won the title of "Best Actress", was named "Best Actress" by the "Huntress of the Hunger".It's just an upper comb, which makes one look stunning. It is a fashion that doesn't add up to the fashion. It highlights her charming and charming character.

It is also a simple, comb-hair styling with a sleek black eye to present another kind of seducing beauty.The Amanda Shifferred (Amanda Seyfried), who plays the musical misery world > dumped her in the design of the Alexander McQueenen dress?

Neutral Glammer for

There is an unrivaled appeal, we call it "Men and Women".Come on, let's see if you can resist the neuter temptations of the short hair girls!

Beautiful, not age, but inside.Who said that the waves pushed the waves behind the Yangtze River?It's a good way to get out of the way.Jane Fonda has shown us the true meaning of beauty, and the short haircut makes her look young.

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thinks that the positive of Ann is enough?My dear, her beauty is the focus.

wow!Look at this sweet girl, is it the Anne Hathaway in your dreams?Many people feel that her graceful short hair, and her graceful smile, are like a wonderful community of Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts.But Anhesieus has made her own unique, and we know that the charisma that she herself has been giving herself is not going to be enough.

Hey!There are a lot of women in the red carpet that are female: Sally Salon.The white dress from Charlize Theron's sour short hair to Hollywood's style tells us one thing: "The simple is the power."Even without expensive jewelry, it is hard to hide the star of Sailor's star.

Let us see who is now on the red carpet?It was Halle Berry, one of the most sexy women on the planet, and a silver black skirt with a metallic lustrous future, and the standing alone was dazzling.The handsome short hair adds to the sexy charm of the dresses.

The Academy Awards ceremony was completed successfully, and I believe many people tonight have a good dream.Thank you for the Academy Awards. Let's look forward to the fashion surprises on the red carpet every year, except for the film. After watching the 's wonderful charisma on the red carpet, did you have a feeling in your dreams?Come and get the best red carpet heroine in your mind!

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