The netflix hit reality show "Stop It" sparked discussion after it was released, spending a summer on a Mexican island, but must abide by the "ban" rule. This summer camp will allow us to rethink the relationship between sex and love, as well as the various desires of modern people.

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"If you are in heaven with these people, but must resist the temptation of sex, can you do it?" 」

The erotic show Too Hot To Handle has brought a group of allegedly unloved "gun masters" to a Mexican resort island ready for the summer. They are ready to grow up, hungry and thirsty, ready to enjoy life at the same time, but are told the next rules of the game -

For a month on the island, no kissing, touching, going to bed, and masturbating will be allowed; In the event of a violation, the bonus will be reduced based on the number of fouls and severity.

A journey of abstinence, in which the men and women mourn, and the show suggests that it is meant to allow them to learn to build more meaningful relationships with others. In a generation that slides to the right to make a gun, how do we re-examine the value of lust and emotion? Through the interaction and performance of these men and women, what kind of different views of sex and feelings will we bring?

Photo: "Can't Stop"

"So-called dating, represents bed" only sexually unloved days, why teach people to become addicted?

At the beginning of the show, the male and female protagonists appear as they walk on a red carpet of desire, boldly and ostentatiously introducing their past life's glorious history of gun.

"Dating software is like my part-time job, I'm addicted to playing. Chloe. Vicky ( Chloe Veitch )
Sadon. "I
don't have a sister-in-law, I don't have a strategy, basically just walk into a bar and take off my shirt, " says Sharron Townsend. A British accent is as big as 30 cm for Americans. David. David Birtwistle

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They enjoy sex as much as they enjoy life, and it's not hard for them to sleep with someone. In bed, he can have a sense of accomplishment to conquer others, the opportunity to show self-attraction, and do not have to worry about unnecessary emotional burden.

Indeed, when I want, and you want, we spend the night in exchange for happiness, why not? Sex itself can inspire human oxytocin and make you feel like you're in heaven, and the process of hunting to capture is like a sexual attraction that makes them feel that they are popular with many people.

So sex allows them to find the motivation for life and the way to know the world; they say they are good at "breaking the rules", doubting monogamy, not believing in marriage, as long as they are happy, don't promise, the freedom that sex brings, and they are addictive.

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"Not like you, but don't want to develop feelings" is what makes you afraid to go?

However, after entering the resort island, they were forced to suppress their desires and try to have a Platonic love affair of "deep communication".

The campus has a smart conversation machine called Lana, which monitors everyone's relationships and behavior, and rewards bonuses when they are found to have committed a foul, and a "reward" if someone starts to open their hearts and is willing to have spiritual rather than physical communication. For example, it will arrange a date for two people, stay in a separate luxury suite for one night, or become a brief act of intimacy when the smartwatch on the participant's hand flashes the green light.

And in the process, also let the original to the artillery for pleasure, they began to face the inner emotional barriers.

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The first pair to start calling were Sharron and Rhonda. Just when the girl Rhonda began to fall in love with Shi Lang, she found the other side building a wall, saying that he could not enter the relationship. Mr. Shi lang said he had a fear of not finding love deep down,

"I was really scared to fall in love with her, I was broken, and I didn't want to get hurt again. 」

Past experience sreachery by his ex-girlfriend has made him no longer believe in love and has since chosen a more light and comfortable relationship. However, after meeting Rhonda, he restarted his inner desire, and finally, in Rhonda's gentle companionship, he chose to give himself another chance to love.

When it comes to feelings, we are always told, "Don't let yourself lose", "The person who falls in love first loses", and instilled in these ideas, we choose to be a cold person first. However, it's not about being smarter, it's just about being more afraid of getting hurt. Shi Lang's relationship with Rhonda may hint at one thing, the emotional already the possibility of injury, the more open you are, the more likely you may not be able to master everything;

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When sex and love come quickly: Trust yourself before you trust others

The program is set to give this group of men and women the so-called "growth" opportunity, in addition to physical desire, to understand the deeper face of people. So if you are observed to be unprogressive, you will be kicked out of the island and lost the chance of winning a bonus.

However, as you might expect, everyone's needs are different.

For some people, for example, sexual fit is also an essential element of a stable relationship, so more and more people will choose to test cars before they communicate. So in this reality show, there is no shortage of participants choose to actively quit, adhere to the gun, or began to enter a stable relationship, their choice, are in the understanding of their own needs after the beginning.

In the dating software invades our social life, it does not take a few seconds for us to have the opportunity to talk to strangers, love and desire to come quickly, but also make people easy in the many temptations and choices, always feel empty. The test of "spiritual love" is a channel that allows you to see more desires in addition to the body when you know a person, however, the choice of sex and love, there is no difference between wrong, and none of them is really more serious and noble;

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As mentioned above, when you've been hurt by your feelings, you think you're trying to re-establish trust, but the most important thing is to look back and believe in yourself - you still have the ability to love, and you have the value of being loved. You are not afraid to make a promise to whom, but have not truly accepted themselves.

To go to bed first or to fall in love first, the most important thing is not to fill what, but to really get satisfaction. This is not a choice of sex or love, this is an honest subject of self-desire.