Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang broke up, is regarded as a third person's music, received tens of thousands of condemnation of her lack of inspection of the message, the number is more than twice Luo Zhixiang. Netizens use Bao Bao for bags, waves and other strong words, a large number of infusion of Music IG. Why do more people point their anger at a third person when a boy cheats? Why are women more vulnerable to sexual abuse than boys?

Recently, Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang's break-up incident, the boiling. In this regard, the public opinion is not the same, the current wind direction is more than strong Zhou Yangqing, condemn luo Zhixiang and was designated as a third party of the music (the old art name "Butterfly Sister").

On April 23, 2020, China's KOL Zhou Yangqing posted on Weibo that she had decided to break up and end a nine-year relationship because of Luo Zhixiang's years of emotional infidelity. (Extended reading: Grapefruit Sweet Column, the most trusting love of people, are the bottom line)

As Zhou Yangqing indirectly pointed out that Yan Le had an affair with Luo Zhixiang, making it instantly the target of public criticism, many acid people poured into Theol Instagram, and used various insult words.

Photo : Screenshot of the Instagram message

Let us use this current affairs to discuss why a relationship has been broken, and we are more inclined to blame third parties than to pursue the parties.

"Bad woman like her" condemns the little three's enemy project

After the incident caused a storm, from the number of bad comments on Luo Zhixiang and Luo's Instagram posts, so far (April 28), Luo Zhixiang's number of messages is 35,000;

Some people derided Luo Zhixiang as not an "empty king" but a "do-it-yourself king"; some people say he is a scum man who feels worthless for Zhou Yangqing; others dig out Luo Zhixiang's previous anecdotes or program clips in an attempt to find out any clues about his heart, or reveal how crazy his private party is playing; and, worse, equate his private life with sexually transmitted diseases.

As for the music regarded as a third person, netizens mostly condemn their sexual morality in strong terms, Bao Bao change bags, waves, dirty and so on.

Why do more people point their anger at the woman who is a third party when a boy cheats? Why are women more vulnerable to sexual abuse than boys?

Obviously, this is related to the "sexual double standard" habit. Japanese gender scholar Chison Ueno said that the patriarchal society generally divides women into "holy girls" and "", which in turn pits the two against each other, for example, the "holy girl" will refuse to be regarded as "", contempt". Therefore, sexual humiliation is often the quickest way to harm a woman.

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Traveling all over the world, "" () in most places is a highly offensive word to describe a woman's sex life like a wolf, a human being, shameful. Interestingly, the synonym "stud" or "player" is to describe a man who is sexually active, but with praise and envy. Morality

In society, men's desire for cheating or sex is more often considered reasonable and normal than women's, for example, "male nature" and "mistakes that men make all day long". And when a woman is not honest enough in her feelings, she is prone to criticism and criticism. This can also be used to explain why She received tens of thousands of messages denouncing her for not enough inspection, and the number is more than twice as many as Luo Zhixiang.

The misogynist network adopts a two-handed approach, distinguishing between "good" women and "bad" women and dividing and ruling, by wooing "good women" and punishing "bad women", so that women are hurt by being disciplined, or because they are drawn; " This is love girl, but also tired of women"

"A thousand mistakes, all the faults of the three" when he cheated, who should be responsible?

Next, let's talk about emotional loyalty and third parties.

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In universal social values, monogamy and monogamy are mainstream, as is the current system of marriage in most countries.

A healthy relationship is between two people who are honest and respectful of each other. Even open relationships are premised on "informed consent" and "trust" and a mutual consensus. (Same-field plus: Want an open relationship? These 10 pieces are known in advance)

Many films or news media, when dealing with such subjects, will emphasize the involvement of third party. And this "small three involved in other people's feelings" narrative logic, easy to put the fault completely to the third person. Let the public hate itchy, than the hero, more often is shaped into some kind of image of the small three.

Why are we used to denouncing "the little three" rather than the "hero who broke the trust"?

Photo : The Couple's World

According to Zhou Yangqing, it was because Luo Zhixiang had cheated on her and had lost trust before choosing to end her relationship. To really "blame", in fact, the man did not abide by the original commitment of the two men when they were together.

It is the two sides in this relationship who are responsible for the relationship.

In addition, in Zhou Yangqing's public statement, she can also be seen communicating with Luo Zhixiang, as well as other women who may be deceived.

Public figures will be subject to public scrutiny, there is no excuse, but can not be rationalized on the internet for verbal bullying. At present, the public's attacks on the music are unnecessary and even over-amplified, for reasons that include the above-mentioned gender issues.

The intention of writing this article is not to support a third party, nor to select a side station or "to escort music", but to share with the reader from another perspective and to be aware of the hidden subjects.

To arouse public awareness of online bullying, the first priority is to elevate the action of online sexism from a private issue in the private sphere to a public issue in the public domain. "I say you are": From the PTT sow-taught feud to talk about the sex class of online sexual bullying. Yu Zhenyi.

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