Los Angeles Times: " Director Steven Spielberg and Daniel wear Lewis' summit peak!"This is a great American film," said the magazine.It's a perfect epic.

won the 85th Academy Award for Best Art, and Daniel Day-Lewis has won an Academy Award for Best Actor: , you haven't seen this wonderful film yet?


1865 was the most brutal campaign in American history, at the time of the American War of Independence.Lincoln, who was elected the 16th president of the United States in 1866, faced the most crucial test: he had to enter the Congress, and had a bicker of such days, and the biggest mission of Congress members was to hope that members of Congress would cast a sacred vote to abolish the corrupt black slavery system.

Faced with strong pressure from all parties that still favor slavery, and the volatile political situation, how will President Lincoln use his highly intelligent, smart strategy, superior persuasion, and political skill to win the final victory? You will have a deeper understanding of the history of this segment through the portrainer of this film.

The 85th Academy Awards for Daniel wore Louis, a perfect interpretation of Lincoln's various aspects of politics, family, and society.

Golden Award for the Best Actor in a New England Academy Award for , the Globe Award for Best Picture, and Globe Awards for in the U.S. /> Again, the evidence of Lewis is extraordinary!

Celerfield and male lead actor Daniel , who plays Lincoln, is simply a couple of old wives!

was flattered a sense of urgency; she began to read the film's protagonist and, after met with her son, " began to share her feelings with ” family ”At least in the time of shooting, that's the way it was for me!Therefore, in the movie, the two people are very tacit, and that is, a pair of old wives!

Daniel's role as Abraham Lincoln. Let all actors feel the warmth of the family.

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is the latest in the Gold Award Director Spielberg's latest work, reinterpreting US history

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In film, the President of the Civil "will see how the Great President of the Civil War" will be transformed by a "president of civil war", with other first-class acrobatic groups, including Queen Sally's, Tommy Lee Jones ", and Hollywood popular idol, Joseph Gordon Lavitt, Building this perfect masterpiece!"

What are you waiting for, Oscar's annual sward-winning "Lincoln >"?

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