On October 10, 2019, Hong Kong high school student Wu Ao-snow continued to be cyber-bullying after he spoke out about the sexual violence he had experienced at Kwai Chung Police Station during a teacher-student dialogue. In December 2019, Ms. Wu publicly announced her marriage, was young but made a big decision, and made a private decision public, with one purpose: "I said it to let other victims of sexual violence know that they were not dirty and they were not wrong." 」

Above: Real name accuses Hong Kong Police of sexual violence, and then what? Interview with Wu Ao Xue: I was questioned about the legitimacy of being a victim

"Don't hire Sonia and Emilia, they're teachers but open, wrong kids"

Photography , Lin Yi

Cyberbullying and bullying involve sexual smears that haunt her for years, "- Shaming (editorial: humiliation) and stigmatizing a woman can really affect her for a lifetime. 」

Middle school students Emilia Wong and Wu Ao-Sion, who are also feminists in the Hong Kong network, were retaliated against for refusing a friend's invitation to a netizen, when Sonia came forward to fight back for Emilia and was chased by netizens, and private photos were taken, with out-of-foundation, graphic and graphic accusations.

Sonia's photographs were sent to various educational institutions in Hong Kong, including kindergartens, kindergartens, remedial centres, pre-school centres, primary schools, secondary schools and universities, accompanied by the words "Don't hire Sonia and Emilia, they are open-minded and wrong-headed". Sonia's department also received an anonymous letter calling for her to be expelled. The other side did so in order to ruin Sonia's future in early childhood education.

Real name charges police continue to be cyber-bullying

After the real-name allegations, the network became polarized. There are two kinds of polarization, the first is the political position - the opposite of the two camps of Yellow and Blue, Blues pointed out that Sonia and Duan principal "have a sexual relationship", she is lying, the foreword is not the right afterword. (Extended reading: Male police man touches chest, female police officer looks at her toilet Hong Kong high school student Wu Ao-shee: "If I don't stand up, who else will speak"

On Facebook, she was threatened by a Chinese-looking account: "I'm going to rape you first and kill you." She also received a telephone call from China (sms) asking me if I would provide sexual services, "Are you free tonight?" How much does it cost to sleep with? She believes that the intimidation from the Mainland was caused by the police leaking her phone number. Naked photos, intimidation, asking questions, she continues to receive a variety of sexual harassment, whether or not these harassment is a political task, the purpose of harassment is "squeacity", "is to steal the concept, I want to accuse the police sexual violence, the other side of the first step, i made up a casual woman, I seem untrustworthy." 」

The second is the support and questioning between Huang Silk (i.e., pro-democracy Hong Kong people, "Yellow Silk" and "Yellow Silk", a yellow ribbon worn by protesters during the Umbrella Movement, and the "blue silk" of the pro-police police as the two opposing camps).

"The discussion area in Lianden is dominated by yellow silk, and of course it does not exclude blue silk and five hairs. Some of the opinions in it are very supportive of me, saying that I am brave and selfless. Some people have re-mentioned the content of my previous cyberbullying, Rowe listed my top ten crimes, these charges, nine of the ten are related to 'sex', described me as a public toilet, love to receive soldiers, love to seduce other boyfriends. I look edited at the evidence contained in the allegations, many of them from people who had pursued me but refused, and friends who had never been friends in the real world. 」

The theft of photos, fake Facebook accounts, and false evidence were all used by those who attacked her. In such a discussion atmosphere, fortunately there are people willing to back her in reverse, that everyone should be separate from the "people" discussion. However, in fact, she did not lie, "the police have not denied my allegations so far." (Extended reading:"Tian na water and so on tight you" Hong Kong high-class university student Wu Ao-snow accused of sexual violence, but was intimidated)

Gender inequality far exceeds the yellow-blue political position.

The reporter asked, "In the face of police (sexual) violence, do you think women need to face more pressure than male demonstrators to come forward and complain?" 」

Wu Ao-snow pointedly replied: "I agree." Sexually, there has always been inequality. The media and discussion areas have accelerated and deepened inequality.

"In a program called "Midnight Lecture Hall", Xiao Cao mentioned that when Lin ZhengYue became the chief executive of Hong Kong, we would say, "Women do chief executives, and of course they will make a mess like a field." 』」

While Mrs Lam is incompetent and corrupt, this is an undeniable fact, but when Mr leung was in power, Hong Kong was also in a mess, and his ability to govern was not really about gender, and when the district council elections were called, we discussed the size of the female candidates and their platforms. With the Legislative Council election coming up, people say, do women want to be vases when they run? 」

Perfect victim's imagination trick: "Ice-clear, jade-like female"

"A woman, whether she is a casual person or not, can't justify the fact that she's been subjected to sexual violence. 」

Photography , Lin Yi

What makes her confused is why a woman's private life will be questioned. If I had had a lot of partners, sexual partners, does that represent what I'm saying today, and don't I believe it? Or does it represent my efforts and it's gone? She felt it necessary to separate things from others. In a society where women's "sex" is often used as a head-to-head, even if we are not Sonia Ng, we will surely try to "take points" from friends, colleagues, and people who have never met her friends, colleagues or people who are fantasized about their private lives, or who are fancied.

"A woman, whether she is a casual person or not, can't justify the fact that she's been subjected to sexual violence. 」

At the same time, the sex of the victim is not limited to women, not women are subjected to sexual violence, "At the 927 rally, we will see a man and foot open lying about his sodomised by the police." 」

In 2017, Hong Kong athlete Lu Li-yin accused the coach of sexual assault and shouted the hashtag "metoo", and many media outlets compared Sonia to this incident, "I think after the anti-transmission campaign, people's attitude towards victims of sexual violence has improved." But this is also related to the social atmosphere, because my political position is yellow, so there are still a few netizens willing to support me, but if I am blue silk, probably will not have a good end. A female police officer once accused the police of sexual harassment, even the netizen immediately fell into the ground stone. 」

Whether the netizens support her political stance or really knows that sexual violence should be zero-tolerance, "I really don't know." 」

Voluntary disclosure of private domain decisions to encourage victims of sexual violence

Some politicians regard me as an imaginary enemy and think that I am so 'out of office' for the sake of future elections to the Legislative Council. Actually, I really don't have this plan.

In December 2019, Wu announced her marriage, was young but made a big decision, and made a private decision public, when she had only one purpose: "As a victim of sexual violence, I used to feel dirty (written: unclean) and therefore didn't want to fall in love, be touched or set up a family room because I was dirty, my body was stained, so I didn't deserve to be loved." It wasn't until the other half showed up, and he accompanied me through the difficult road that I felt I could be loved. I said it to let other victims of sexual violence know that they were not dirty and that they were not wrong. 」

This move has once again raised questions, "Some people do not understand why I, as a victim, can make public statements about my own experience in such a way as to think that I want to gain greater visibility; Actually, I really don't have this plan. 」

May the glory come to the people of Hong Kong when free, equal democracy will come?

It was the last visit before Wu Ao-snow took judicial action on police sexual violence. The visit comes at a time when police violence in Hong Kong is not over, with several pro-democracy figures arrested in April, two months before the first anniversary of the outbreak of the anti-China movement. Hong Kong is ready to enter the eventful summer, and the younger generation is ready.

At the same time, the victims of police sexual violence, so far only Wu Ao-shee is still active, but I am talking about the victims, not only Wu Ao-shee, but also young men and women arrested, they will face major trauma, and the extent of sexual violence, we can not imagine, only to know that it is a humanitarian disaster under political persecution.

Wu Ao-snow is an excellent example of hong Kong people reflecting on the prejudices and suspicions of their fellow travellers in the democratic movement, and also an opportunity for Hong Kong people to improve their sexual/other awareness. While the culture of cyberbullying is not indulgent, the discussion area that dominates the democratic movement is also a concentration of feminists, making matters more complicated and difficult.

The value of progress contains a basket of elements, including universal suffrage, and gender equality.

In the same political position, we support democracy and freedom, and we are eager for Hong Kong to one day get rid of the totalitarian yoke, without the support of one person. And the reporter friend Luo Guan-chung (former Chairman of the Hong Kong People's Council, former Legislative Council Member) of a sentence can always come in handy, progressive values contain a basket of elements, there is universal suffrage, there is gender equality, is indispensable. This means that totalitarian governments are cracking down on progressive values and must be put down in a basket, and it is ironic that when we hold high our democratic freedoms, it is easy to overlook this point: in fact, the feminist movement and the democratic movement are inextricably linked, and true freedom and equality are not only about fighting for universal suffrage and the five demands, and don't forget sex/justice.