Xuanmei originally with the "pistol dance" burst red, a "why leave the beautiful me?" Flipping the sad impression of falling in love is also an extension of self-consciousness. She gained ten kilos in order to be in good health; she was in conservative Korea, but publicly supported LGBT and wore the rainbow flag over her body. High cold beautiful, Xuanmei in the performing arts circle blooming, out of their own style.

"The beautiful me in your fantasy doesn't exist. Xuan Mei Siren

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by XuanMei Siren

When it comes to today's active K-POP solo female singers, the name is sure to be mentioned- in the name of The U.S. In 2007, she made her debut as a member of the group Wonder Girls, and when the group became popular with Nobody, she chose to step down, suspend her acting career and return to school to complete her studies.

This decision, very much need courage, after all, the Korean performing arts circle fierce competition, and even after a lot of hard-earned practitioners, it is difficult to have a place, not to mention that at that time Wonder Girls is already a first-line women's team.

After graduating from The East University with excellent results, she returned to the acting circle and made her debut again in the form of solo. Xuanmei confirmed what is a good wine sunk bottom, originally she was not the most eye-catching in the group, by time quenching, only one person she, even more dazzling than the original.

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Sassan Gashina

In 2017, she received a high response with a pistol dance by Gashina. "Why leave the beautiful me?" Flipping a woman's sad impression of falling in love strengthens women's dominance.

The bright roses will eventually grow thorns, which is self-preservation and self-conscious. She cried, she was sad, but she would eventually mature.

"You withered, and I put it." - Xuan Mei-Gashina

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Sassan Gashina

Compared with the wild beauty of former teammate Yan Ya, XuanMei is out of his own style. High cold beautiful, gorgeous strange, many sub-MV is also full of black humor.

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by XuanMei Siren

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Xuan Mei-Noir

"Fat" is a little better for health.

Xuanmei has always been known as "leg essence", height of only 165 cm, but has a pair of slim, straight, white long legs, very in line with the mainstream of the Korean performance circle aesthetic.

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Xuan Mei-Noir

But Xuan mei is not satisfied with the size - she is not trying to be thinner, but is trying to gain weight. In order to make the body healthier, before the North American tour, Xuanmei began to systematically gain weight.

"Leg length is not the point, the movement of the line is also important. A lot of fans have said lately that I'm too thin and worried about my health, so I'm trying to gain weight for the tour. Xuanmei

On June 17, 2019, she posted a weight-meter figure on her instagram: 50kg, announcing her success in gaining nearly ten kilos.

In an interview with the magazine COSMOPOLITAN, Xuanmei said she had made a lot of determination to eat and exercise properly, so she gained weight. 」

In fact, the behavior of idol stars, it is easy to cause a subtle impact on the public. As an artist and a South Korean with high demands on women's appearance, it's not easy to do this.

Xuanmei weight gain, not as slim as before, but better color, body is also stronger and healthier. And because her chest became plump, she was questioned about whether to have breast augmentation surgery, to which Xuanmei responded directly to the social network: "No, I didn't have breast augmentation surgery, I was just fat." 」

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Xuan Mei-Noir

To be honest, I am LGBT Queen!

On the issue of gays, South Korea's climate is still conservative, but XuanMei has repeatedly publicly expressed support for the LGBTQ-plus community.

Photo: Xuanmei Twitter

In June 2019, when Shemi was performing in Hamstedan, the Netherlands, she told the audience, "I have a lot of stupidity for the dragonfly," and she looked at the fans on stage, "and LGBT", a remark, the scene boiling, thought Xuanmei officially out of the cabinet.

Later, Xuan Mei clarified on Twitter that she was not out of the box, but supported a multi-gender community. Despite being a Wulong, Xuan Mei's courageous expression of views on sensitive issues has also touched many people.

Photo: Saon Mei Twitter Screenshot

Li Xuanmei: Understand yourself and make a great

"It's not easy to learn from yourself and like yourself. Xuanmei

After becoming a popular artist, Xuanmei continued to learn, such as Italian, web design, photography and so on. She also actively absorbs fashion information, selects suitable for the song Heroine , and later, she is more of a knives in laLALAY album concept, personally produced proposal briefing to the company's superiors to see, in order to break through and transcend.

Photo: Sassy-LaLALAY-MV Screenshot

For Xuanmei, continuous learning and self-awareness is very important. In an interview with Urbanlike magazine, she encouraged everyone to know themselves better, even if they were busy, or they would end up collapsing.

"I want to tell you that it is necessary to have time for yourself. Xuanmei

Looking back and knowing yourself is to make yourself worthy of love.


Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Sassan Gashina

Xuanmei came out, quickly blooming, but she chose to calm down to settle down. After that, the struggling buds, the second bloom, has become a more gorgeous flower.

Echoing her song LALALAY - no gossip, just flying like a butterfly.

"Whatever you say or do, You know I'm okay. You know, I'm just so naughty." - Xuan Mei-LaLALAY

Photo: A screenshot of the MV by Sassan Gashina