From 2015 to the present, Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard's domestic violence, the incident continued. Amber Heard, who first appeared as a victim, has now been charged with the perpetrator. With this event, let's discuss the plight of male victims and how to view the role of the #MeToo movement in it!

Hollywood star Johnny Depp and Amber Heard married in 2015 and then divorced in 2017 and ended their relationship. At the time, Amber Heard said he had been repeatedly subjected to johnny Depp's domestic violence and had shown photos of bruises to prove that he was not false.

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However, things have reversed this year, and the truth does not seem to be as good as previously thought.

In early 2020, foreign media released a recording of a 2015 altercation between the two men, in which Amber Heard admitted to violence against Johnny Depp, including punching each other and throwing sharp weapons at each other. On April 6, the British media Daily Mail released another audio recording revealing that Johnny Depp had broken his finger by failing to flash a bottle thrown by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

So far in 2015, discussions about the domestic violence and the subsequent aftermath are continuing. Many see this as a flip of things and blame Amber Heard instead, but we would like to invite you to take a step back and that both men and women may be victims of intimate violence, and that's the value of the "MeToo" movement.

"You can do it back, why not do it?" The plight of male victims

UN Women says one third of women worldwide have been subjected to violence. Focus on Taiwan, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare 2018 statistics, in the "Marriage/Divorce/Cohabitation Violence" project, women accounted for 82% of the victims, male victims of violence accounted for 16%, the rest is unknown.

When it comes to domestic violence or sexual assault, the public's first reaction is often that the perpetrator is male and the victim is female. Statistically speaking, the number of victims of violence does indeed be female, but this does not mean that male victims do not exist.

In the established gender framework, men are more likely than women to be independent, strong and strong, emphasizing that "masculine and masculine men are normal men". In this social climate, when men become victims, they may be afraid to ask for help or expose them because they do not want to show weakness, lose their self-esteem, or fear that their plight will be challenged.

The duality of "male harm, female victimization" assumes that, to a certain extent, men are more difficult to seek help.

In the past, we interviewed the Director of the City Men's Old Heart Station, Mr Wong, and invited him, as a social worker, to share with us the plight of men.

"Many men, who are very aware of intimate violence, are less aware of it and are relatively reluctant to ask for help. Huang mentioned that men are more considered to suppress emotions, compete with each other, and survive on their own, which is the "social responsibility" given to men by society, so they are more lonely and alienated than women. (Recommended reading: Interview with The City Men's Old Heart Station Director Huang Huiren: At least Don't Let Men Feel Isolated)

A social experiment conducted by YouTuber Moe AndEthan abroad saw a very different reaction when people saw men beating women and women beating men in the street. For the former, most people see righteous courage, anger, for the latter, most people just look at a few eyes, do not care.

Regardless of gender, #MeToo encourage everyone to come forward.

Previously, Amber Heard had come to the attention of the victim son of domestic violence and was often vocal about women who had been subjected to violence. So, after the incident flipped, someone began to review the campaign for the hashtag "MeToo" as the reason why the public had fallen in the way of the woman's claims.

#MeToo campaign, starting with the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault, and then more victims or survivors of sexual assault are willing to come forward and tell their stories, and the pain of having nowhere to go has finally come to an end. When the hashtags "MeToo" spread around the world from Hollywood, we saw that these sexual harassmentors or sexual assaults were not pure cases.

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For the violence and the victims, there should not be a single narrative and imagination. #MeToo to this, it is already time to see more "atypical victims".

Chen Baiwei, director of the Taiwan Men's Association, said: "The gender-neutralization of perpetrators and victims not only reduces the likelihood of broad male participation in the movement, but also makes male victims feel extremely contradictory, because their experience of victimization has again been ignored, and even because of the biological sex is classified as the perpetrators." 」

#MeToo the essence and purpose of the movement is to encourage victims or survivors to take back their voice and speak out for their own experiences.

In fact, there is no conflict between the presence of male victims and the core idea that the "MeToo" movement is promoting. #MeToo the importance of the movement is to encourage "I" to speak up. Perhaps it would be better to understand that "male harm, female victimization" is not absolute, while encouraging female victims to speak out, without missing male victims.

Intimacy breaks down violence is by no means a solution

We see that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are used to using violence to "solve problems" in this intimate relationship. However, violence is not only unhelpful to communication, it can even cause mental and physical harm on both sides.

When a relationship cracks, you need your partner to face it rationally together, and not hurt the other person on the premise.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's domestic violence case has not yet reached a conclusion, and the case is ongoing. In judging who is the perpetrator and who is the victim, it is more important to see, the issue of violence in an intimate relationship.

In addition to seeing the plight of male victims, the public has also had a further thought and discussion about the smeToo movement. Gender equal right, this is not a few, in the search for the best answer to the path, thinking or collision in the inevitable, but also the process.

What's your idea? Welcome to share with us.