Interview with Miao Carey, who plays the construction site in "The Workman", she is like a group of masculinity in the calming agent, and in real life, she often plays such a role. She said, not to say very often pay people, they suffer, as if they do not know how to love themselves. It's about finding a place to be in your relationship, no matter how you want to find it.

She shuttled in the major eight-point stage drama, always interpreted the pungent and fluent, let people have no chance of resistance to the role, Miao Carey, you think of her, the most profound may be those aggressive wonderful charm.

However, after stepping out of the screen, she is actually very different in real life.

This year, she took on the Taiwan drama "The Workman", which talks about the lives of the workers at the bottom of society, in which she plays the only construction woman, Chang Yu, and in a masculine construction site, she looks like a calming agent in the air of impetuous air.

No longer a bright, high-to-toe heroine, she says the role is somewhat similar to herown - the harder life you are, the softer you are; Each of us is not the same, and we all desire to have a better life and find a way to survive.

Desire is not a question of right and wrong, but a problem.

"The Workman" is a story of people trying to get upstream and want to get out of poverty. Want to get rid of poverty behind, but also because people have desire, not willing to the status quo, want to a better life. However, people also repeatedly for their own desire to pay the price, the dream will be like a bubble, the real life is bitter. It's a lot like seeing people around us who go the wrong way for what they want, we all want to stop and take it as a warning. But to see this line of script, but Sister Li has a different interpretation -

'In fact, you're not going to do anything to dissuadhim, and you say you're worried about them, but are your fears real?' she said.

She went on to tell a story.

"I have a friend who knows someone on the Internet who says she is rich and lives in Hong Kong, and the two have talked about falling in love. But my friend invited each other to Taiwan several times have failed, the other side can find a lot of excuses, such as the process of a car accident; Later, he said that his grandmother was ill, asked my friend to remit money in the past, she really sent. 」

The end of the relationship is almost as much as you think, the other side is just an emotional liar: "We look around and think it's ridiculous, but when you have a desire for something, you're willing to believe it." That Hong Kong boy gave her love dream, is what she wants right now. 」

And are you going to criticize her "believe"? How can desire be right and wrong, she says, "a lot of things, you may not see the problem at the moment, because you want that thing too much." If she's really cheated, i think it's good to be able to touch it. When people face failure, you will be more intelligent. 」

Anyway, you "want" at the moment, and it doesn't help how others stop it. Then go, it's like a circle you have to go around at that stage of your life, and you can't go to the next place without going through this. She seems to be saying, don't be afraid, don't be a pity, you didn't waste anything, maybe you should have been there.

"Why are you not what I expected" If you were disappointed in the other half in a marriage?

And back in the "workman", so-called desire, may not be so simple. After marriage, when a person pays for a dream, often not a person's business, but the whole family must share.

For example, as in the play three men all day long holding the dream of wealth, debt huge debt, so that the appointed wife of the family angry and angry. I asked Sister Carrie, this situation may also simulate a lot of couples in a relationship - when one side wants to do something, dream, but the other side just wants to live a secure life, how can this time maintain the balance of the family?

"It may be necessary to look first, the starting point of the two people, in fact, are good. Like the play, the men, they may be male, want to make life better, want to create that possibility. In fact, it is also very simple, they want to let the wife feel that it is very good to have a husband, have you very good, is to pursue this feeling only. 」

"So I think sometimes as a partner, it's not just to oppose it; as long as it doesn't really affect the family, don't lose it, our whole family collapses, then I think you can choose to support each other first." Otherwise very hard ah, he has great ambition, you do not let him do, he is also very painful. 」

She means that with your support, the other party will be more powerful. And home is so. But I'm also curious, such an attempt, is there a "bottom line"? Then she told another friend's story:

"Every time her husband wants to do something, he fails. And the husband pressure is also very big, feel that the wife has been supporting themselves, but has been unable to succeed. It's just that what do you say? He is also very serious ah, but also pay full strength, sometimes to succeed, may not be he can decide alone. 」

"But I believe that if he can keep doing this, maybe one day he will succeed, or one day he will think, well, I will take good care of the family, let my wife go sprint." She says nothing is right, as long as two people get along well.

So she wants to say to someone with family anxiety, you can ask yourself, where do you worry? Is there really no condition, or is it just that you don't want to trust each other? Then, give each other more time and opportunity, perhaps walking along the way, the original goal will change; you may find that what you really want is not that, and then find a balance: "Some people may walk away and walk together, and it is not the right person to be wrong." 」

"A lot of related to the end you will find that really can be good together, just live it." 」

Desire or something, more like a trial of love, let you understand the original life is such a thing ah.

A lot of people want me to be nice to myself, but I really think I'm happy.

Sister Cani in this play to play the role of "Chang Yu", always in the important moment, like the people's panacea, to help solve the life of the big and small things. For example, the husband broke into trouble again, and was cheated money, she poured a few cold water on her mouth, but will still silently help solve.

This in the construction site to make everyone a little afraid, but very respected role, and the reality of her, but also a little like.

"I'm also the kind of person who makes my family think, "With me, there's no problem." For example, when my parents are in the hospital, I will make them and their brothers and sisters feel at ease, have me, nothing. Usually outside friends have problems looking for me, I will definitely say good, where, I will jump out to help. 」

I asked her if there would be a time when she was often the "pillar" and "supporting others". "Now a lot of people will say, "You have to be nice to yourself; And then I thought, when I hear this, will I burst into tears? It doesn't seem to be. 」

"It is not that people who pay very often, they suffer, as if they do not know how to love themselves." Because for me, I'm good to others, I'm good to myself. Because I hope they don't let me worry, relative to me is also very selfish. 」

Think about it, then say, "I think I'm good to myself, hahaha." 」

As if to say, everyone may get energy from life in a different way. She finally told me one thing, "You have to be very convinced that you are worthy of it, and you already have it", and when Askgod, she does not say the word "hope", "When will one use "hope"? It's when you're in the d'or, when you want something. 」

"I'll say "thank you", thank God, you made me so lucky. Because I know, I already have it. 」

Throughout the interview, our topic revolves around the life of wantnot, can have, and for these, she repeatedly wantto say, there is no real good or bad. You have what you want to pursue, the emotional marriage you want, and you have expectations of your life, and these are normal, without negating any desire in your heart.

What we need more is how to live with these desires more intelligently. She said, life is not a coincidence, only choice, since you have chosen this at the moment, it is a good feeling of the next journey. Maybe if you take a walk, you want something different. Who knows?

What they taught me.

If life is not as good as expected, how to relieve the anxiety?

1. Desire is right and wrong, just choose, if you really want to do something and the conditions permit, try it.

2. Rather than complaining, setting limits, it is better to choose to believe it first, perhaps you will have different changes and harvests in the process

3. Instead of "I hope", practice saying "thank you", you will find that your life actually has a lot of