Shen can tell the story of autistic children through documentaries' children of distant planets.

For autism, according to the latest statistics, one out of every 150 newborns may be autistic children.In other words, there are 67.5 million people in this world, and life is unimaginable to you.People with this disease surpass the three diseases of HIV/AIDS, cancer and diabetes -- and -- and it's continuing to increase.

's — to imagine that the world has such a group of people, "— Shen Xun, director of the Golden Bell Golden Bell —."(Extended reading: Write to my autistic child: Thank you for making me a better dad )

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I find my dream not like this

Ko-shan, who was the best director of the Golden Bell Awards, was a film, after graduating with many advertisements and music videos, but slowly felt that it wasn't what he wanted to do, " I found my dream not like this, not just money.He discovered that what he liked was a story, he liked to say a story that was real, and that he could interact with the world. "Of course he wanted to have some influence or change."The director humbly smiled and laughed.
2004, when
National Geographic Channel first came to Taiwan to make documentaries, Shen Ke-Shang changed Shen's, and also made a film director in Taiwan.He was selected for a year and a half, and he said, " At that time, I really wanted to let the world see Taiwan's dicks.I want to tell a story for Taiwan.Shen can also receive the 2006 Golden Bell Award for Best Director for Non-Theater Awards.

The next

is the director who wanted to tell a story about childhood, documenting a group of children's simple dreams.Today's completion of the autistic documentary "The Children of the Far Planet", the director's more comprehensive attention, and the record of this particular group of people, which are often overlooked by us.

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Cherish every citizen's space

Asked where the hardest part of the film was?The director has thought about it before stating that it might be necessary to break the established social responsibility pressure, because the issue is so large that there are too many people who want to make a sound, but for Shen, the documentary is not a critical tool. "I think the film itself should be simple, and the criticism and discussion should be after the film."The director used animations in the film to make it easier to understand.

fact, the two characters of autism and "disease" are not the same as the nature of the disease, so the narrator: "They are afraid of the people and are afraid of loneliness, and they have to work hard to face the balance."It also found that the world was never as simple as they were."

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There is no plot to sprinkling blood, there is no particular emotion, and the director Shen can still use more images to capture more of the spectra of autism.It takes four images to show the individual performance of autistic individuals."Can you believe that there isn't any same autism in the world?""The director asks us a question, we shake our head," so to me, I feel that autism is a different character than you are with me."

Perhaps more people care about this issue, and perhaps more people may be interested in discussing this issue. Perhaps more people will discuss existing policies and perhaps even more people. Perhaps we can gradually wake up from these films through these films, but we have never taken the time to solve them.(Recommended reading: Talk to self-closing children: We don't talk, don't mean that we don't love this world )

Inside the lens

At the same time, the director's sincerity and sincerity revealed a certain kind of enthusiasm and emotion. "When I think of so many people who are willing to let his life directly confess to the camera, I am really full of thanks."Before filming, he did not know that the autistic world he was about to face was so complicated, just like the other planet, it had its own ecosystem, its own culture, its own universe.

The director says, " I really don't think that the autism needs to be corrected or treated, maybe because of physical conditions that make their personality different.But because society does not understand, they treat them as a strange group, or they reject or think they have to be placed in a special welfare agency to do soap as a result of misunderstandings.

He originally wanted to have a fifth set of paragraphs, about how other countries actively faced with autism, such as over 40 % of people with autism in Northern Europe, and an elm in Japan with autistic people, and using their special personal characteristics to make people who live on distant planets find it fun.

Because resources, after all, cannot be filmed in northern Europe, but the director's wish still hopes that one day we will be more proactive in understanding acceptance, rather than because "they are not the same as us", and they are misplaced each other.

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All heart sense

Each movie uses a different style, never any way to tell stories." In fact, I did not know what the result would be before each creation.The director is a little bit untold.It is more like giving each story a good physical condition, and then waiting for its chemical changes to change. It does not change the meaning of "— - induced"."

feel what you feel right now, you feel what it feels like now, every time you create a style, it's not the same story, but the director's heart, the space that cherishes every audience, makes the film talk, and there's a feeling that everyone can feel the emotions that flow in the film.

The director also shared with us his philosophy of the world, "Everything is good, everything is good."As long as we value everything that we face, and in the past, all bad things are good. Of course, those good things that are not good are also good things."Everything clouds are light, but what it feels like is his heart, and this heart, to make him feel the children of distant planets, is actually not so far away from us."(Sibling: and Sain-Huberi that you don't want to grow up )