"Heard" director Zheng Fenfen and "We are from evil" team to launch the album "The Man who works", which will be broadcast on HBO Asia in May, describing the iron man brother Siu, Achin, plate model Changchai, the odd hand Aquan and several other friends because of the "dream of wealth" and the absurd action, the plot is funny but can make people tears. We interviewed director Zheng Fenfen and producer Lin Yu to explore how to "dream" behind "The Workman".

Lin Yu joked that she and Zheng Fenfen are wine friends, once at the dinner, two people chatted about each other's recent situation, when Zheng Fenfen said, he went to ask Lin Liqing's "workman" IP, Lin Yu in a listen to say: "I was next to the sneer wood haha, I said: "I'm really sorry, I got it."

"I said i don't have to be because we're friends, i don't have to shoot me." Zheng Fenfen patted Lin Yu on the shoulder.
"So I struggled for a long time. Lin burst out laughing.

Two people in the focus after the film board final cooperation, directed by Zheng Fenfen, Lin Wei as the production, with the Taiwan drama "We and evil distance" team in May 2020 to launch "the man who works", Li Mingshun, Miao Keli, Ke Shuyuan and other big curry all walked into the site shooting, last year (2019) in July in FB release 30 seconds lead film, the bottom of the bowl message to let everyone have to set off a bang -

I remember watching the first episode of The Workman and just wanting to say, "Please, will you have another second season?"

Workers chat the subject, either talk about money, or talk about children

Deformed fingers and scarred bodies, dry black skin, and early blurred vision are common marks on labour workers. Whenever the project is completed, you will see people in suits and cars, along with people in neat work clothes and hard hats, on stage to cut ribbons. They talkloud about how to weather and overcome the environment
- Lin Liqing, "The Man who works"

Lin Liqing, the original author of "The Man who works", will write his own experience on the site into a book, and publication in 2017 will become a bestseller. Zheng Fenfen and Lin Yu both finished reading the book, were moved by the emotion of the characters, and later decided to take the story of the ironman brothers Aji and Achin as the main line of development. However, to make a play still has its challenges, the first is the site is a rare subject of Taiwan drama, strange to the audience, the second is that the public may have a set impression of the workmanship, how to deal with and packaging, so that the site issues closer to the public, become particularly important.

"The Man who works" is a photo of the great-mare film

"I'm new to workers/sites, and that's why I'm green, and that's what makes me talk to people from different angles." Lin said. And because of the show, they have a lot of opportunities to actually walk into the site and visit the real life story.

It was like when the team found a contractor, went to investigate, they were in the whole land and grout, cement truck just came, and there is only one young man very diligent grout, the others are all old people, only later learned that they are a family business.

"The reason they are family businesses is that it is difficult to find young workers, which means that only their sons can pass on or find people they know well to do. This family business will be very large, not only pro-son, cousins will come. In fact, this industry whether it is looking for workers, looking for marriage is quite difficult. At that time, the group interviewed the grout young man, who said that he was tired during the day and had no time to socialize, let alone find a girlfriend.

"When i going to the field, I didn't talk to the workers much about the technical details. But they all like to chat, the theme of the chat is around two: money and children, no children to talk about money, there are children to talk about children. Zheng Fenfen said, in doing field work, you will find that the focus of life is very simple, is to make good money, to maintain a life and family, if children have success, is their greatest pride.

On the contrary, the construction site's master will let their children develop earlier and freely, often without restrictions, but also less determined that not which work is not. There are higher vocational colleges and universities. University of Science and Technology and ordinary university where the difference, these teachers often do not understand, in short, read higher than their own, it is worth a happy.
- Lin Liqing, "The Man who works"

Lin said of the field tune was very impressive things: "visit a worker, 60 years old bar, skin tan is good black, he chatted about his life is light breeze, but chat to the child on the eyebrows flying." His children went to college later, and you could feel a kind of look from his eyebrows that wasn't quite the same as his life. 」

"A lot of workers can't get a fixed monthly salary, and a lot of time is looking for their next job and finding money. Some workers themselves are small bosses, or a small foreman who creates a business, will face turnover problems. They often face borrowing money. We found that during the chat, the workers focused on both topics. 」

"The Man who works" is a photo of the great-mare film

This is why "The Workman" will develop the theme of "dream of getting rich", playing the emotions between workers, playing the workers' dreams, in a comedy way.

"To open a temple?" I really admire your brother, i dream every day. 」
"If dreaming can live faster, why not dream?" 」
- The play "The Man who works"

Life is born to live with sorrow

From the first trailer, it is not difficult to see that "the man who works" tries to get rid of the site and other tragic impression, but with absurd witty approach, showing the daily workers, bring out the emotions between people, so you see the second episode of a group of workers, sitting on the side of the road drinking and talking, life is not difficult? Helpless? Of course, so today's small dishes a little more to cut, tomorrow still have to find a way to make money.

"I want my daughter to be a princess, do everything right, and most importantly, not as a worker."
"Why, it's dignified to be a worker. "
"Dignity is to give a fixed salary to a person, like ourhuman dignity, to see God want to give it. "

- The play "The Man who works"

"Most of the workers we know face life in a fun-day way. Zheng Fenfen described the appearance of the workers seen during the visit: "It is in the story, in fact, it is very tragic, he will be smiling and talking to you, this is what I feel special place." Of course, of course, with the creative habits, you always want to use the people, easy access to the story of the way, so that the public close to this group of people. And I think life is inherently sad and happy, most people are the tragedy as a comedy alive. 」

Lin also wanted to ask, then why the audience in their own tragic situation, can only see another sad story? Can you use a comedy way to break a certain established impression, not to mention the so-called grievances, not to mention the scene they see, at least contact with the workers friends, even if tragic, he can taunt, can be optimistic, that is they see the real part.

So ask where the "workman" is trying to be? Whether there is any need to fight for the right to work, whether to advocate for workers, criticism of the public system, Lin Yu did not think so: "In fact, only through a good-looking story, let the audience see this group of familiar strangers." Of course, if you can understand a little more detail, work or life, or site knowledge through a good-looking story, then you can be successful. 」

The workers' story, told about people, not workers, the same story and spirit may occur in different types of professional work. So to some extent, they will be more want to convey the play to the public, is whether the workers of the profession have a different face of the imagination and understanding, can we begin to pay more attention to and care about the people around? Sometimes a little more understanding is a big step forward.

"The Man who works" is a photo of the great-mare film

Rational analysis is necessary, but courage will emerge when necessary.

The two men were constantly touting in the interview (mocked?). The other side is not afraid of the dead people, filming this play for two people, is knowing that the mountain has tigers biased towards the tiger mountain line, but the point is that they are also full of enjoyment in it.

Just choose the theme of the site needs a certain courage, to find the site scenery more so that the crew is more effort-consuming, but also to let the actors climb up the 29-story construction building performance. Of course I've heard a lot of advice, but it doesn't stop her from telling a good story.

"When I used to shoot, I was either going up and down the mountain or sunbathing. will feel why I always pick hard to shoot the subject matter to themselves. Fortune telleralso said I was the one who always asked himself for trouble. Zheng Fenfen laughs and laughs at himself, character determines fate, can't blame others: "My greater desire is, I want to tell a good story, I want to create, I want to have a good thing to see others, in that process I am happy, I have a sense of accomplishment, but you just want to satisfy this desire, you may have to sacrifice a lot of things." 」

"It sounds like a choice of good and stubbornness. Lin concluded.
"But this kindness may be good for you, and people think you're stupid." Zheng Fenfen melodicly returned to her.

"The workman" in the ground, the emotion between the small people, coupled with the workersubject subject there is no geographical restrictions, no matter from which point of view, rational analysis, for me is worth doing. In the bone eye, in fact, you will ignore the advice given to you by others, those advice is also for your own good, such as "you want to pick up another play ah" "you want to live ah" but this just let me judge: Oh! The things they say I already know, so how do we adjust so that I can do what I want to do? Lin said.

Because of their desire to tell a good story, they choose to turn the voices around them into motivation. So in their body to see the definition of courage, is to know that there is a risk, or even will not succeed, but do not know why, just feel that to do, and then you really do.

"Of course, living at this age, what you want to do can't really make it die, because too many people are involved, no. So rational analysis is still needed, but when necessary, that courage comes out. 」

It seems that emotional courage is also necessary.

There have been a few years, the Japanese drama red to has been purple, Korean drama then came, the American drama English drama Thai drama not too much to let, Mingming is in Taiwan, but almost no position of Taiwan drama. However, in Taiwan's film and television industry, there are always a group of people do not give up, looking for the audience can return to the television, a good reason to watch the show.

So trial and error, a high-quality Taiwan drama back to the people's daily, and their hearts of good stories will be presented to the public one by one.

Well, don't say, this week if people ask you what you're going to do this weekend, of course, you'll go back to him: catch up with the taiwan drama.