Parenting road, always difficult, so for you to select three weary mom powder, to every new mother, together warm place!

Moms, are you doing well?

What kind of experience is a mother, sweet and broken, or most of the time a crash is far more than that little sweet. Sometimes you have to be gentle, sometimes you have to be disciplined; you can't focus too much on your work regardless of your children, and you're being fully dedicated to your family and someone threatening you to be careful about being out of society. We all know that in this era to be a mother, often bear a lot of expectations, and you may have to secretly think in your heart, you want to escape, finish a daydream and go back to face real life.

If you are now in the parenting of the world "trial", want to be photographed and do not know where to go, want to know if there is anyone like you, want to stand together to keep warm;

Want to tell you, it's not just you who's good, it's that you're not alone.

"Welcome to parenting black comedy" Texas mom didn't collapse

When I want to hold a baby, life says to me, "Please respect me, I'm already human." Texas Mom

Texas mom settled in Texas, more than 7,000 miles across the sea, and her troubles were the same. She captioned her profile on her profile: "The world-weary mother, the anti-birth of the allies." Before having children, she made a quiet transition in the arts and culture world, but after changing her identity, she could only gradually become the crashing mother of today.

Texas moms usually share all kinds of terrible scenes of parenting, such as the "sweeping machine" series, mentioned that the child just want to roll on the ground outside, what can you do? In addition, the recent internet crazy "world-weary mother terrier atlas", but also hit the voice of many mothers, on the Network has been shared more than 8000 times the high popularity.

Her parenting routine, occasionally accused by netizens, is that some of the behavior is inappropriate. And she said, "I'm not a parent-child grooming school here, I can't teach kids, I can't tame them." To maintain the usual style. Everyone has their own parenting patterns, things they believe in, and the Texas mom just says that my motherhood is mainly that they are healthy and happy and I can lie down.

"Rest is for the next crash" indignant mother Lin Weiwei

"Originally a good and thrifty, and then because of the real difficulties of life, began to be angry. It is considered that indignation is not the preserve of young people, and that the anger of housewives is constructive. The motto is: I'm angry, so I'm here. "- Angry Mother

After becoming a mother, Lin said, she said, many times she felt the emotion is not powerless or disgusted, but anger. She has a lot of questions every day to ask, such as why there is no time to go to the toilet, family things are always finished, husband is always disappearing ... , these accumulationof in the heart of anger, let her start painting, writing books, "Angry Mother", is a book to tell mothers, "of course you can be angry" works.

Photo: Moms Facebook

Go home when she interviewed Lin Weiwei, she also mentioned that she once looked at other mothers on the network, as if the home is always very clean, cooking full of Han, milk water source, she felt very inferior, because she can not do that. But then she found out that not everyone was perfect, but that they wouldn't show their own failure. So since others don't say it, it's up to her.

From books to powders, moms share a variety of parenting routines, like chatty, but also real. Perhaps, no longer look at those floating beautiful home, angry moms, need more such ground gas mother template!

Photo: Moms Facebook

"Hard-working husband won't fall from the sky"

"Lord! Be asked to shape your mother-in-law's son so that he is strong enough to bring his own children at home, brave enough to face diapers, not to take a hanger next to Lu's little child, and to stand still when you take the child. - Housegirl Xiaohong

House girl Xiao hong she in a sharp tone, pointed to the post-marriage after the birth of a variety of complaints against pig teammates, as well as the real scene of child-rearing. She said that the usual only to rest on the sofa, when needed will only lose three or four people, is the husband: "The prince and princess married should not be happy, why live the police arrest suspects days?" 」

Also known as the "Beacon of women's" women's lighthouse, the woman is tracked 400,000 times. Look at her sharing of life everyday, you may feel that the original is not when I was a mother so wolf, the original is not my husband so annoying. And she teaches you all the ways to make your other half a god mate. Look at Xiao Hong's 'magic', local wives need to stand up!

When the whole world wants to tell you that being a mother is great, you're tired and you can't be too anxious to die, and maybe it's time to free more mothers. Look at these both healing and world-weary mother powder, want to give a serious life of every you, can have a little comfort.