"Even with children, you're irreplaceable, " the Korean illustrator Myeong-Minho (as a reason) paints a picture of the happiness of a family of four after a marriage, in which love and cherish of his partner will not change, no matter how life changes.

When we get married, will we have a relationship?

The chairice oil salt between husband and wife is a big issue in the relationship, especially after having children, their needs take up most of their time and attention, to the whole family to pay. However, the more this time, perhaps the more we need to take good care of each other.

South Korea's popular illustrator Myeong-Minho (Encouraging Emerging Markets) IG has 540,000 trackers, from painting the sweet routine of couples in the past, to painting their lives after they enter marriage and give birth to a baby. It's hard to know where you're working hard to hold up a home, but I have a lot of love.

In Myeong-Minho's work, we see that no matter how many changes i face, my partner, from start to finish, will be the one I need to cherish most. Now, let's take a look at the daily routine of the darlings!

"My wife's hair is my responsibility" for you will blow dry the day's exhaustion, is the way I want to love you

One of the sweet interactions between the partners is to blow his hair dry for him! While flicking the other side's scalp, it will also make him feel that he is being cared for. And did you do it when you got married? At this time, perhaps more need to be done.

I wash the dishes, you feed the children, the happiest can work together

Will you share the family with the other half? Don't let the hard chores are just the responsibility of one party, together bear, will also make each other closer. We will grow together like a wonderful team in love.

Thank you for having a baby October, thank you for guarding this family together.

Looking at the back of his wife, you have a lot of thanks, know that being a mother is a hard thing, and the world, I will cherish you more.

"Do each other's relief" dear hard, today I come to serve you!

There will always be a party who may be particularly tired today, and a comrade-in-arms is the one who can always be the most relaxed place. Pressing the shoulder and neck for the other half, or just listening to him speak, will give him more motivation to face tomorrow.

Sometimes two people get tired together and spend an afternoon

When parents later, there are always busy family affairs, and never sleep full days. However, sneaking up on an afternoon together is also a very happy day. As long as you are there.

No matter how busy you are, you'll never be happy with your time and light.

Even when it comes to a book or a cup of tea, create a date moment that belongs to you. It can be to share each other's recent feelings, or simply quietly accompany each other;

There's little guys joining us, but that's not going to replace me.

Instead of replacing it, it is doubled because you experience different identities and feel stronger than anything in the past.

"Always be the first, and of course, my wife!" 」

After all, the children will grow up, and you are the ones who will accompany each other more!

Anyway, let me be your eternal back

It's not easy to start a family, and it's my first time as a father. But for you, for this sweet burden, I will be willing to be stronger.

When one day we are all old, in my eyes, you are still very beautiful

When the children are big, we are old, and we will continue to accompany each other, continue to walk hand in hand. I will be as grateful as I am today, thank you for walking so far with me.

Perhaps into the family, you no longer have so much time to simply fall in love, but instead, it is more experience, sharing the various stages and identity opportunities. From male and female friends, mom and dad, to old wives, this road is not easy, but without each other, you know you may not have the confidence to go down well. Let's build together, they are envious and feel satisfied with the home and belonging it!