"Doll Game" in addition to showing a period of youth love, but also let us see women in the emotional momentum. "If the boy's game is not to cry, I allow you to be vulnerable in my arms." Yannan's love is very direct and sincere. She wants to make the people around her laugh, and she runs from the world with the object she likes.

When you're crying
I will always be with you
When you're feeling blue
I will always smile to you
- "Doll Games" Always be with you

The episode rang out, taking us to our childhood a long time ago. Cangtian Yanan and Yushan Qiu people, is a child's only imagination of love.

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When I was a kid, did he think that Sanam was too reckless? Nowadays, you occasionally want to be a girl like Sanan - stubborn, bold, unyielding. When she was surrounded by boys, she asked other female classmates who came to help leave, saying she didn't want to implicate them;

The love of Sanan, very direct, very sincere. She made the people around her laugh, and she tried to escape from this desolate world with the object she liked.

The First time she met The Yushan Qiu people, the students in everyone's eyes, were abandoned by the native family and school system. He doesn't understand, doesn't believe it, or because he doesn't feel it.

"The true face of you, the great son, I've known for a long time. Yuyama Qiu people's "Doll Game"

She hates him - she hates his unrulyness, she hates his arrogance and his unmarkedness.

"It's a demon. Canda Sananan "Doll Game"

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Yannan Lotte, Yushan depressed. If she were golden and warm, he would be a lonely night, not even the moon and starlight.

Not to know each other, has always been the logic of the love narrative. Yannan and Yushan, they are destined to be tired of each other, to look at the two.

Love like Sanam: I want to protect you more than being taken care of by you

Feelings from the beginning of hatred, more helpless and more profound.

The two men, who should have had no intersection, had a tacit understanding of licking each other's wounds. Step by step, Shanan found the broken hole of the feather-mountain wall, and she tried to go deeper, but was stabbed all over her body.

Love is like Sanam, it's not easy. She loved him very freely and asked for nothing.

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She followed him: no hurry, it doesn't matter, I'll accompany you slowly. "Even if they call you the devil, I see that you have lost your angel. 」

The hard iceberg will melt, and the strong boy will shed tears. Yushan is known for its authenticity, and there is really a lot of love in the original world, and someone originally wanted to hold them.

If the boy's game is not to cry, I allow you to be weak in my arms.

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'The Doll Game': Girl saved by love, not the only script

"Doll Games" is more than 20 years ago cartoons and animation, the author is Xiaohua Mizuho. This nostalgic anime has long revealed to us that "Boys Protect Girls" and "The Princess Saved by the Prince" are not the only scripts. In addition to showing a period of youth love of laughter and tears, but also let us see women in the emotional momentum.

As a girl, you don't have to wait passively for someone, you have the ability to go to the pain and protect the person you love.

No one can completely save whose life, but your pay and love, but there is such a chance to change a person.

Yuyama: "I used to think that there was no point in living in this world. If I hadn't met you, I'd have been sorry.
Yannan: "Yushan." 」

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The second season of "The DollS", which was first expected, didn't come out. But it is not a pity, perhaps from the play outside, there are regrets, just like real life.

Yannan and Yushan, ultimately did not live to each other, did not have the oath together, but still colorful our childhood, like accompanying us to talk about a love never wake up.