Perhaps most girls, too, dare not admit to masturbating when they were young in grade - and, of course, may not know how to masturbate. Where does a girl's lust go when adolescent boys learn how to shoot a pistol, make themselves comfortable, and even talk about A-movies or AV girls?

"There is no personality in your life, it is the same as another. They never come back and die one by one. Zhang Yiguang's History of Sexual Meaning

Good night, did you masturbate today?

As you may not know, the United States has scheduled May as "International Masturbation Month" from May 7 to 28. The reason for this special and blushing heartbeat festival is to let the public face their own lust, peace of mind and safe enjoyment of sex. (Same-field highlight: My orgasm myself gives! May International Masturbation Month, don't you try it tonight? ) )

Before touching sex, we have to start by recognizing our bodies.

Physiologically, male genitalia are exposed to the body, while female genitalia are hidden inside the body. In terms of social culture, the little boy's "chicken" seems to be more often discussed. For example: well-known drawing book "My Chick-fil-A", in a graphic way to let boys know their own body structure, or another series of painting book "boys chicken", although there are also girl versions of "girls small secrets", but in the use of words more euphemistic, not directly address the girl's sexual organs.

Photo : The cover of My Chick-fil-A

Photo The cover of "Boys Chicks" and "Girls' Little Secrets"

Compared with the male sex organs containing pills and female sexual organs structure is more complex, in addition to the often mentioned vagina, there are, large labia, small labia, and so on. (Recommended reading:"Chart" Re-Launch Program: Have You Seen Your Privacy?) ) )

In fact, many girls until they reach adulthood may not be able to correctly point out the name of each part, although the school health education class may be slightly mentioned, but in the girl is not encouraged to "explore their own" social atmosphere, also let the girl from their own body farther. Like a dozen years ago, a nursing teacher in North Korea caused controversy when a nursing teacher in the north asked students to paint their genitals.

In terms of my growing experience as a physiological woman, when I was in high school, I would chat with other female students about small love, but I didn't mention any words related to masturbation, and Even to say vagina, and other words, I feel embarrassed.

And when a person does not know enough about their own body, it becomes more difficult to understand and face up to personal lust.

Adolescence: When boys learn to fight pistols, what are girls doing?

Recalling the fifth and sixth grade, some boys in the class began to popular "play" the game of grabbing each other's bodies, or often heard them laughing and frolicking, saying who was "burgundy" and "hard". In every laugh they make in public, they always feel like a normal organ, without being hidden or ashamed.

But we rarely see girls coming together to discuss the lower bodies. At most, it is very secret to say that who "that" came, even borrowed tampons, should be careful not to be found.

For the body - especially the female body, if the family does not talk, school does not teach, adolescent girls and boys, they have to see a model from the media, or side-knocking from the adult website to know a thing or two, but not quite right and comprehensive.

During adolescence, boys begin to confront their passions, or grop themselves, or discuss with their peers, learn how to play handguns, make themselves comfortable, or even talk about A-movies or AV girls. So, where's the girl's lust? Do girls masturbate? (Experience Sharing: Repressed Teenage Desires: In fact, I've been masturbating since I was 13 years old)

Photo a photo of the "Sex Self-Study Room"

Perhaps the vast majority of girls are afraid or unwilling to admit to masturbating at an early age - and, of course, may not know how to masturbate.

Traditional social taboos, especially women's sex. Girls are taught from an early age to protect themselves, away from sex a little. Kang Tingyu, a scholar specializing in gender studies, once mentioned how "sexual boundaries" work in misogyny.

"Many cultures are tired of women who cross the boundaries of sex, fear women's and their sexual performance, and on the other hand, these cultures are also women who extoll sexual purity, creating a binary opposite of the Virgin. Who is afraid of Kang TingYuyu? 〉

She also points out that this fear is not confined to men: "Women may also internalize this ideology that governs women's lust and body, and use humiliating eyes to monitor themselves or others at times." 」

Sexual desire is the benefit you were born with.

Dear girl, your sex is very "moral".

Women have the right to explore sex and desire, starting with understanding the body structure, and then developing correct and safe sexual knowledge, and finally they can understand their own lust.

Photo a photo of the "Sex Self-Study Room"

In the future, when we have sex with others, we have explored ourselves, so we know what we like, and we know what to "do" and what to "don't" and be better able to have a more equal and healthy relationship with another person.

"In fact, man is a "sexual" body, no need to be silent or pretend. Swedish Ministry of Education, Love That Can Feel Really - Swedish Teacher's Handbook for Sex Education Teachers

As the American University Sex Education Reader, "The Analysis of Sex," also notes, "Positive perceptions of sex make individuals more self-respecting and more in control of their sex lives." 」

Go back to the International Masturbation Month mentioned at the beginning of the text. In the hot summer of May, we want to encourage everyone -- especially girls -- to face up to our lust and let our desires flow, and you know, you should have had that happiness.