When it comes to sex, we're always curious and touched with a little fear, and the Guardian interviewed Laurie Nunn, the screenwriter of The Sex Self-Study Room, who shared the true story behind "Sex Self-Study Room."

"Is it true that I read that i have to disinfect my vagina with bleach?" 」
"I can't say obscene things. 」
"I think I'm ready" "Are you sure?" 」
"We're going to have sex!" 」

- "Sex Self-Study Room"

Netflix's hit "Sex Self-Study Room" announced its third season in February, with many people banging on the next character story, and we're looking forward to what kind of sexual topics will be boldly touched in season three, such as how to make your partner happy. What if You don't like to let the other person see their sex face? What do you say about Dirty Talk?

When it comes to sex, we're always curious and touched with a little fear, wondering if it's right and why it's not the same as the A-movie. And "Sex Self-Study Room" through everyone's emotional story, in response to teenagers, even adults often have sexual myths.

Photo a photo of the "Sex Self-Study Room"

On April 27th, the Guardian interviewed Laurie Nunn,the screenwriter of The Sex Self-Study Room, about the heart-to-heart, real-life experience behind the creation, and the original sex wasn't as beautiful as it was in a TV movie, and sometimes it was a bit awkward and not perfect, and each of us should be open to groping for the best way to do it.

The story mentioned by the screenwriter also reflects the public's three myths about the subject of lust:

1. Not telling women about sexual pleasure: you can also make yourself happy, you know?

Laurie Nunn says she writes about sex self-study rooms, which stem from a lack of knowledge of sex as a teenager, and less talk about women's sexual pleasure in formal school education. She mentioned in the interview that she didn't know how to respond to physical needs in the right way until she was 30, which made her more hopeful that she would know about these sexual ideas by the time she was 20.

Back on campus, boys were able to treat their passions as jokes, but women struggled to express their desire for sex, and more often than not, women were not even encouraged to explore. But when lust strikes, women have many ways to make themselves happy, and these behaviors are beneficial to the body and mind, such as trying to masturbate, not only can you understand your body earlier, improve your sex life, but also reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep. (Extended reading: My orgasm myself gives!) May International Masturbation Month, don't you try it tonight? ) )

2. Sex is not just about doing, it's about: being honest and communicating

Laurie Nunn highlights in the Guardian that "Sex Self-Study Room" wants to show that "sex is about honesty and continuous communication". Can not rely on "doing" to produce love, before doing, the need for both sides to constantly communicate and focus, understand that each person's body has different sensitive belt, understand that human sexual organs also have different appearance. For example, in the second season, the actor Otis in order to make his girlfriend happy, asked a friend how to help the girl, and the friend took an orange told him:

"No divine skill applies to all women, every orange is different. You shouldn't ask me, you should ask your girlfriend, you have to cooperate with her oranges. 」

So no matter how good sex the Internet or books tell you, it doesn't work for everyone. A better way to do this is to talk about your favorite posture or interaction in advance, and to encourage each other to express feelings, whether happy or uncomfortable.

3. Let's talk openly about the seriousness of sexual harassment: it's not as simple as "touching it"

In the second season, Amy meets a passenger on a bus masturbating in public and shooting it in her pants. Even if she acts like nothing, she goes to school, goes to school, goes home, and even goes to the police station to report the crime, calmly acting like a bystander, lamenting her jeans.

However, she began to fear taking the bus alone.

Photo: Screenshot of "Sex Self-Study Room"

The plot, in fact, is also laurie Nunn's real experience in her 20s, and the sexual harassment that is often not treated as one thing, deeply affecting her mental health, she told the Guardian: "What I really want to explore is why when I go home to get my keys, why should I be like holding a knife and trying to stab someone?" Who made me like this? Why am I always afraid that someone is too close to me? The world of keeping women alert is not normal, and we blame harassed women for not knowing how to protect themselves. Laurie Nunn, through her own story, points out the slyness and throws another thought to the viewer: "We bring the problem to the surface and ask men to come and think, and to solve it." The purpose of the discussion is not to lead the war, but to work together on all genders, not to blame victims, and to prevent sexual harassment.

Sex is an adventure, we can only constantly explore what we want, but also do not forget that sex is not necessary to make your life complete, through sex to obtain happiness, even if there is no sex, does not mean that your life is missing a corner.

Three "Sex Self-Study Room" throws out the discussion that every one of us can talk about sex at ease.