Readers are welcome to contribute to the by writing down what you care about and what they think

What kind of writing direction is suitable for contributing?

We look forward to taking care of all orientations, such as current affairs views, gender discussions, film reviews, reading thoughts, and even the understanding of life experience, you are welcome to write. I think of the three services: women's fans, gender power, go home to look forward to receiving the following contribution direction.

In the past, we have received these wonderful contributions, you are welcome to read and reference:

Women fans: We believe that the scenery on the road of life is actually very beautiful, everyone's experience and experience are extremely precious

Share your international/local perspectives, or analyze life experiences from a psychological perspective

Gender power: to enable all gender groups to achieve respect for the consensus, mutual understanding, diversity and integration

Contribute your gender perspective, male situation, gay experience, if you have insights into what's happening in the world, big and small, and welcome to contribute

Go home: The way you interact with your family, at the dinner table, or under the countertop, brings you a unique flavor

If you have a unique perspective and approach to marriage/correction/family interaction, you are welcome to write to us

If you're ready:

The submission process

  • Notes on clicking on contributions (please click here) to fill in the contributor information after careful reading before we can provide contribution fees.
  • Send the manuscript to the, write the letter title to the reader's creation, I am the one to find you in the blank letter
    • Attach your script with a folder file that uses Microsoft Word or Google Document. (Welcome to attach multiple articles at the same time)
  • If the manuscript is accepted, we will reply within one week. (If you don't receive a reply, you're not accepted)
  • If the manuscript is accepted more than three times, and the cumulative articles in the first week after publication are pv 5K or more, there will be a chance to become a fixed creator.

Believe in the power of words to create change.