Have you been kidnapped by characters and professions? The key to creating the value and meaning of life is whether you are willing to put into action and feel the true "likes" and "dislikes" in your heart.

Every time you ask him what your expertise or preferences are, they always squeak and say not half. Do you want to listen to music? Occasionally listen, but do not know very much about the singer or song style you like; Sometimes you write daily or current affairs comments in the community, but I always feel like You can't get it right.

You may be in a state of confusion at the moment: don't know what you really like and are willing to bet on, and don't know what life means?

Photo by Dmitry Schemelev on Unsplash

Amazing, author of "A Work called Life," likens "Knowing Yourself" to a long-term thesis that must be answered through a lifetime. However, we often fill in the choice or right questions, by the occupation, role stereotypes tied, limit their own possibilities.

So, how to know yourself and find the meaning of life? Amazing takes three steps to recognize and find self-worth in terms of personal experience:

1. Take action and feel the moment

Amazing believes that finding meaning in life to avoid thinking in place, but to constantly confirm what you like or dislike, and use the body and mind to feel the present. Because we are likely in the process of practice, by others to be advised or blocked, will also be affected by the eyes of society, in Amazing's experience, she just started to learn the spiritual lesson, the people around her think she is crazy, go to the devil, but because she is convinced that she likes the body, so try to contact the relevant courses, to feel their own likes or dislikes.

2. Categorize things you like/don't like

After the actual experience, feeling, to classify what things will make you feel happy and meaningful, and what things you think you like very much, but in fact you do very painful, or unlike what you thought, the most important thing is to put into action, affirm their feelings at the moment! (Extended reading: Do you know what you want? Science teaches you three ways to stick to yourself)

3. Looking for resources and opportunities

Amazing believes that when you're clear about what you like/don't like, you can start looking for resources and delving further. For example, you like to listen to music, share comments, then see if there are any friends around the relevant work, or have experience in contact with music, you can chat with friends, or look for short-term work experience, as a music festival volunteer, or join the relevant comment community, slowly to understand the field and industry, is not as you think.

Perhaps your current occupation, and you like the field of things, that does not matter, as Amazing said, life is not a choice, nor is it a problem, not that you are now a teacher, doctor, the value of life can only be limited to the role of the present, after all, work is a small part of your life, you have many possibilities to create personal value.

Now think about it, how would you fill in the question of life?