The biologist, Helen Fisher, analyzed that men don't seem to be looking at people very often, but is it related to male intimacy?We'll see if we look at it!

Do you think your boyfriend is less and less looking at you?Do you have a sense of betrayal and forgotten feeling of loss?The bioanthropologist Helen Fisher has been discussing this interesting question recently: " Why is your boyfriend never looking at you?She analyzes in a biological anthropology that a man's intimacy and eye contact may have nothing to do with it!

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With respect to the intimacy between men and women, she has an interesting explanation: women tend to focus on face-to-face communication, and look at each other's eyes, usually giving women a sense of intimacy and trust.In contrast, men prefer to sit side by side, even if they have no intersection in their eyes, and can make men feel intimacy (a picture of the two men sitting at the side of the bench).

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In the history of human evolution, she suggested that women's intimacy came from the experience of looking after children in the past.Over the past few million years, women's lives have been their mothers, so their feelings about intimacy are taken from care and education. As women hold the baby in front of the baby, or educational text (so we call the mother), the exchange of the eyes and the speech are a very important source of intimacy among women.

In contrast, the history of men's evolutionary history originated in hunting.Helen Fisher suggested an interesting picture: a few men stood side by side in the back of the bush, looking at the prey, but the companions were able to gain a sense of intimacy during the hunting process.They are accustomed to looking at the front talk, not the eyes of each other's partners.

So maybe when it's time for a boyfriend to be mad because his boyfriend is not looking at it, maybe he's sitting next to him, maybe he's just because of the evolution of biology, so it's impossible to see it.Of course, many women would like to be deeply impressed by the other half of their loved ones, and when she finds out that her men are too close to their eyes or lose their eyes, their eyes are the best gadgets.(Extended reading: [Japanlove] a sincere man, more likely to be a bad man