When someone cheats, can gentle forgiveness save everything? Choose to put it down, and do we really let it down? On the conundrum of marriage and betrayal, the grand finale of The Couple's World leaves much discussion, "The couple's affairs, there are no one-sided perpetrators or victims", and perhaps we will eventually have to practice letting ourselves go.

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The Korean drama "The World of Husbands and Wife" came to the final chapter, a love triangle from the beginning of the marriage derailment, and finally where can be? The whole play after a few twists and turns, you may have thought about how divorced can be so difficult, play a good dog blood;

The characters of the whole play are tangled, almost around the same core - when there is betrayal in the relationship, should I choose to forgive? If you've ever been bothered by this problem, or if you're in a similar predicament, maybe you can take a look at three things you want to tell us today about the finale of The Couple's World:

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"It's not just pink bubbles" In a marriage, the love between you is complicated.

After the divorce of Chi Shanyu and Li Taiwu, I thought that the friends of the enemy to this, should be able to end this, but did not expect that they still continue to entangle. Including regardless of means to fight for the custody of their sons, affect each other's career achievements, want to drive each other out of the community can not stand, etc. , they would rather hurt each other than let go.

And behind these injuries, there is in fact hidden between their feelings. You may be a little surprised or incomprehensible to see these plots unfold; Like what Ichi shanyu said to his son at the end of the plot:

"Love, get married, raise you together, in my mother's life, with me the longest time, is your father." We were so loud that we were separated by the re-livemy of the law. But the heart is not only hate. Just as you miss your dad, it's only a moment, but I may miss my husband too. 」

Photo : The Couple's World

Because is in the experience of a lot of life together, you are not only pure white love, but contains hate, sex, desire, after separation will miss each other. You'll not let him go, and you'll be afraid that the other will ruin yourself.

From time to time, the play mentions the phrase "What is the so-called husband and wife?" Once believed that the happiness does not exist, quarrel to the end also do not pay off, marriage will really bring happiness? Perhaps the reason to think is that this is not a question of right or wrong, but a choice question - you choose to accept it take off the pink glasses, choose to see themselves and each other in front of the marriage, the real look?

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"I'm living in hell" forgives the relationship after, and promises happiness from now on?

Another couple in the play Gao Yilin and Sun in He also face the problem of husband cheating. After the incident, the wife should be moved by the sincerity of her husband's prodigal son back, and choose to put down the past and start over. The good days of the reboot, however, didn't last long.

After gentle forgiveness, will we guarantee happiness from now on?

YiLin found herself a doubt, even if her husband never cheated again, but she felt that she continued to be shrouded in the shadow of the heart: "I am not really good at all,......, I am always doubt, uneasy, if i hate you, but because of love, because really love, my heart more and more like hell." 」

She cried and said, What if I tortured you like this for the rest of my life? Finally choose to end this marriage, live their lives, and get real happiness and freedom. In fact, Yilin husband and wife story is not to tell us, forgiveness must not be a good thing, you will eventually doubt the ghost for a lifetime;

If you really feel that you can't accept it, you can leave; The point is, which option will make you stop doubting yourself?

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"No single perpetrator or victim" is ultimately forgiven by yourself.

See their husband and wife quarrel along the way, love hate entanglement, human manipulation, and in the end who become the winner?

At the end of the episode, Mr. Ichi said, "To forgive someone is like convicting someone, such an arrogant truth." When faced with the problem of emotional betrayal, we thought that by forgiving who, to change to a quiet life - this will happen, it is your fault. But will we be better off after the charges are imposed?

"The matter between the couple, there is no one-sided perpetrator, there is no total lack of shortcomings of the victim, this is not possible to establish." 」

We ended up together in this, so we couldn't really be saved from pain just by convicting who we were. But the discussion in the play is that what you ultimately need is to find the moment in which you can forgive yourself.

Because the hurt has been done, the pain will persist, but when we choose to stop soliciting or ravaging each other and instead make good their lives, perhaps, we will be truly free.

The finale of "The Couple's World" doesn't end up telling us the right answer - should I forgive the other half when he cheats and destroys the promise? However, it leads us to see many people's sexual discussions, behind all the choices, what people are afraid of and what they desire.

Perhaps this love quarreling process, but also a process of knowing yourself, you feel their own weakness in the face of emotions, admit it and try to find ways to make yourself happy. Marriage this question, there is no standard answer, perhaps it is the most intriguing place.

Photo : The Couple's World

Photo : The Couple's World