Room N is a variety of forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and these new forms of cyber-sexual violence are invincible. Today we will focus on Asia with different forms of online crime.

South Korea's N room incident broke out in March, 2 million netizens even signed public perpetrators, South Korean artists have also voiced the demand for severe punishment of the killers. Two months after the incident , according to the Central News Agency , founder godgod was arrested on May 11 and detained in violation of the Child and Adolescent Sexual Protection Act .

The Room N incident appears to have made progress in South Korea, evoking the public's focus on children's cyber security, but digital sexual violence and child sexual exploitation are still taking place in different forms everywhere, and we will also focus on the Asian region to see what is really going on in Hong Kong and China. (Extended reading:"They were forced to carve the word slave" South Korea N room trafficking sex abuse video, 2 million people outraged to sign protests)

Hong Kong: Telegram Group Sells Private Images

According to a report in April, Hong Kong Telegram's Telegram group appeared in a similar way to Room N, asking users of the group to share intimate images of their partners, while group managers occasionally shared sex videos of mosaics and needed to answer questions from managers if they wanted to see a clear version.

Hong Kong 01 journalists actually entered the group, were asked to answer their partner's age, reasons for joining the group, and how they fantasized about the other half being abused, and finally asked applicants to share their partner's home photo for verification. Following the revelations of these intimate groups, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Mr Yau Teng-wah, responded in May that the Technology Crime Bureau had conducted an investigation with the police and that no arrests had been made.

China: A Forum featuring underage girls

On March 26th, a blogger on Weibo accused several Chinese child sites, the Lori Heavenly Kingdom, of spreading underage child pornography images for a long time. As soon as the news came out, it triggered a large number of netizens to go to warand and report.

According to the Beijing News of China, these sites, through a large number of children's videos, accompanied by "Beautiful Lori" "Young Girl" and other descriptions, ask users to pay to become members, and "share to 25 people to become permanent members" as an incentive for users to continue to distribute pornographic content. The Beijing News reporter actually registered one of the "Bud Miao Forum" and found that the number of people online at the same time remained at 1,000, with 8.6 million registered members.

Images , screenshots, websites have been taken off the shelves

One parent, who has long helped report child pornography videos, said that some of the children in the videos were self-portraits and others were forced to record them, including images of girls being forcibly stripped of their clothes. However, even if parents keep reporting, the site will continue to operate as long as it updates its URL.

Room N is a variety of forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and these new forms of cyber-sexual violence are invincible. We can't help but worry about the circumstances under which these children are being coerced and intimidated into recording a private image, and what can we do for our children to avoid a repeat of the N-room incident?

Perhaps, as parents, we can begin to educate our children about their physical autonomy, to talk to them, to let them know: you are willing to listen, to help, and all anyone can do is not to transfer movies, not to make noise, such as after the Korean Room N incident, in the adult film site Pornhub all kinds of keywords related to Room N, these searches may be mindless, but in fact have become part of the perpetrators, causing secondary harm to the victim. (Extended reading: "Where are thechildren in hell now?" What every parent can start doing after room N.

Whatever form of room N, we can begin to do more to stop cyber-crime. (Extended reading:What can I do for my child after Room N?? Homework for anxious parents)