Renting out a house, especially if a person lives, in fact, some places need you to pay more attention to. Here are five key points to give you a little advice on renting for safety.

On May 15, 2020, an article on Dcard entitled "Single Rental House Attention Quiet Business Circle" caused a heated debate. The author, a student at Hongguang University, said she rented a house and found that she had four pairs of shoes on the side, the bottom and so on was marked with five to seven black dots.

A total of 440 discussions were made, and more than one girl said she was the victim of the same technique. And some netizens guess that the black dot mark is similar to the "Moss Code", one of the words is "HI" meaning.

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After the landlord, the police to assist in the investigation, including monitor inspection, found that the "shoe geek" in the Jingyi business circle in Taichung, within a radius of 100 meters, at least two or more community victims. There are a number of questionable places, such as how the person broke into the community gate. And not all households have shoes, so are there tracking behaviors that target specific people and genders? What is the purpose of doing this?

The incident has now been kept under police custody. We also take this chat, rent a house outside, security is of course the first consideration. So, is there anything to be noticed? How can renters, especially when a person lives alone, make themselves more comfortable?

The following we based on the rental platform, housing industry advice, as well as outside the independent rental more than 10 years of experience of girls, compiled a few you can pay attention to the rental housing life tips:

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1. Actively propose to change locks, add internal lock needs

Landlords often have backup keys in out-of-home rentals, and most 表示 of the rooms have been used by several former tenants, according to Rental Platform 591, which can be changed before renting, and can generally be replaced on their own. It is also recommended that internal locks be installed to prevent break-ins by persons with the heart.

In addition to doors, windows or balconies, there are also places to watch out for. If you do not have an iron window, you would have to check that the window has no anti-theft locks, or close to the house next door and other privacy issues. 591 platform adds that as long as the doors and windows are well protected, including sturdy, closed, well-locked, security should not be too big a problem, and no one will be able to enter at will. (Extended reading: one in the morning, one in the evening: a few ways to simply judge the safety of renting a house)

2. Confirm the installation and position of the monitor

As a precaution, it is best to confirm the monitors of three locations - entrance and exit gates, tenant corridors and alleys and intersections in nearby neighborhoods. In particular, attention can be paid to the relatively sparse and hidden places.

In addition, there have been news events in the past where girls rented a house and the bathroom was taped with pinholes. When moving into a new room in the early days, you can pay more attention. Methods include checking with a detector, or turning off the lights to see if there are unknown light points, strange unreasonable furnishings and wire facilities, etc. (Recommended reading: Don't intimidate girls with "Night home"! Talk about a woman's right to walk late at night )

3. Observe the neighbors nearby and maintain basic courtesy

If you're renting a house in the north, you'll have a better chance of encountering some old apartment buildings where the landlord buys one of the floors and converts them into rental apartments. And this is going to be your place to go in and out every day. At this time, you can silently observe the people living here, rest and looks, etc. , can also be and nearby breakfast shop or superstore staff have a basic polite greeting relationship. Maybe there will be places to help each other in the future.

Of course, don't forget the roommates who live next door, if there are some disturbances, such as noise, bad habits and other problems affecting the quality of living, should also be dealt with in due course with the landlord.

4. Let friends and family around you know their home

If you live alone, let a few trusted friends around you know where you live with their families, and if possible, stay in a relationship with a friend who lives not far from you. In addition to the protection of accidents occurred, someone can be near to assist, usually such as the building power failure and water, etc. , you can also ask to borrow a friend's home.

Of course, please also note the location of nearby hospitals and police stations, or branch offices, or branch telephone numbers;

5. Perhaps you may consider placing male supplies

If you're a girl renting a house outside, you may be warned not to put your underwear or underwear in too conspicuous places. However, taiwan's wet weather and the need to keep the close-fitting items dry, and such a pattern has the implication of pre-reviewing the victims.

There is a small way to this, is to buy a few pieces of men's personal clothing hanging sun, may be able to let people retreat, or such as this Hongguang University's 'shoe freak' incident, when most of the victims are women, there are suspects of women, usually can also put men's shoes at the door.

While this approach may not sound like pleasant, it's not clear if it's a precaution against people with a heart. But only as a reference.

Rent a house out, because it is not familiar with their own environment, so the basic security equipment should have paid more attention. These tips for everyone to consider, the most important thing is not to you always be careful, worry about fear, but can be more attention, so that they can live more at ease.