Open relationships have been gradually discussed in recent years. What is an open relationship? Why open relationships? How do I practice open relationships? This article takes you to a point.

As long as you are honest with me, you will never lose me. " Our Love Is Hard to Speak Of"

When it comes to open relationships, what comes to mind? Do you doubt or be confused about this relationship?

You might be curious, too, what is its definition? Why do some couples prefer this relationship pattern? How do you practice in life? Today, let's take an objective and correct angle step by step to get a good understanding of open relationships!

WHAT: What is an "open relationship"?

The American University Sex Education Handout Sexual Analysis defines "sexual or romantic relationships with people other than marriage or dating partners" as multiple relationships (Extradyadic Involvement), and if you agree with your partner, you enter an "open relationship".

Since an open relationship is premised on informed consent between partners, and the boundaries and rules are discussed by both parties themselves, there is no right or "typical" open relationship and, most importantly, coordination between you and the other half.

Defining the scope of multiple relationships or open relationships based on The Analysis of Sex may take three forms:

  1. Sexual, non-emotional.
  2. Emotional, non-sexual.
  3. Both sexual and emotional aspects.

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Here also provides you, some of the author around the friends of the actual experience.

A, a different girl, with her boyfriend for two years.
"I have an open relationship with my boyfriend, but the principle is to ask each other too many details. You can date, go to bed, but you can't touch other girls' heads, pinch their faces, kiss their foreheads, these behaviors are exclusive to me (girlfriend).
B, the other woman, was dating her boyfriend for two and a half years.
"With other objects is limited to physical relationships, can not let true feelings. Originally limited to dating or minor physical contact, I recently allowed to go to bed. The big principle is to be honest and be honest, to have a new person to know, to meet with whom, what happens after a date, the details must be explained to each other very clearly.
C, the other girl, with her boyfriend for half a year.
"Basically, there is no bottom line. I'd love to hear what happened to him with the other girls, but he didn't want to share it with me. 」

In particular, i would like to stress that the biggest difference between an open relationship and "infidelity" lies in whether the other half has informed consent. The most important thing to implement an open relationship is for both parties to agree and to discuss the scope carefully.


In popular values, intimacy is considered exclusive. In other words, most people think and agree that, leaving aside a promised date or bedmate, each person will only enter a stable relationship with one person at a time.

Two people world, isn't it? Why should a third person, or even more, "get involved"? Couples in open relationships must be emotional lying out, right?

For open relationships, you may also have these questions, or find it strange to be different.

In fact, contrary to what you think, contemporary practice open relationships, but rather think that this is one of the solutions to intimacy.

Because I love you so much and want to go longer with you, I want to be honest with you: I have the desire to date someone else.

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After some qualitative interviews and inquiries about friends with relevant experience around, the following two reasons for "open relationship" were outlined.

  1. Sexual incongruity with a partner: sexual needs, etc. sexual intake or frequency of sexual activity, and the other half is difficult to match.
  2. Desperate for freshness: After dating or sleeping with different people, it helps to rekindle flowers with the other half.
A: "If he slept with me and other girls behind his back, I would be heartbroken because I didn't want to be cheated. But if it happens in a situation I already know, what he's going to do with the other girls, I'm fine. Because for me, the relationship, the most important thing is trust, not sex. 」

Of course, there may be other reasons, if you will, welcome to share with us.

HOW: How do I practice "open relationships"?

One of the first principles of intimate communication is that everyone has their own emotional feelings. Morality

Finally, you want to share with you how to practice an open relationship. Of course, it has also been mentioned earlier that a safe and healthy relationship requires the partner to coordinate and agree with each other, and these steps and methods are not necessarily applicable to everyone, but you can look at it.

  • Step 1: Face your needs and listen to your other half. You must have enough trust in each other to be able to admit what you really think.
  • Step 2: Establish each other's bottom lines and principles. You need to talk back and forth very carefully and imagine possible scenarios so that you don't have a dispute in the future.
  • Step 3: Experiment with open relationships and set a time frame. To review the feasibility of the rules by launching a new relationship model with an adaptation period and a test of water temperature.

After the trial period, if both of them have no problem, then congratulations, enjoy the relationship! However, if one or both of them does not consider it appropriate to continue the open relationship, you need to go back to Step 1 and start the discussion again, or simply end the relationship pattern so as not to get hurt in the relationship.

If "open relationships" make us love better, why not?

Feelings like water, with the bottle loaded different, there will be a variety of patterns.

There is no perfect love in the world, but you can try to find the right intimacy for each other. It's great if you're yearning for a one-on-one partnership with your other half, and it's good if you want to try an open relationship.

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We should respect everyone, every partner's choice, and not have to look at it with a strange or colored eye. After all, if a couple loves better because of an open relationship without hurting others? The maintenance of a relationship, and where to go, is most in need of the two people's consensus, rather than the permission of others.

Listen to your desires with an open mind, and then decide what to do. Morality

Introduced here, do you know more about open relationships? What do you think of this? Welcome to the bottom, talk to us!