Ella Chen Jiaxuan created a new single, "Goodnight Song", to all those who strive to live, but also remind everyone, don't forget to stop to say thank you to yourself, say good night before bed. Taking good care of your inner child is a matter of great importance to him as a mother. Love yourself, and then you will love.


Did you have a good talk to yourself before today's tie?

Thank you, and i'm working hard today. You've done a good job.

Ella Chan, who recently released her single "Goodnight Song,"says the song was inspired by her mother's status. In the process of pregnancy and giving birth, she felt that she had gone through a life-or-death process: "So I think it's so hard for a life to come to this world at the beginning of life." 」

"It is because life is very hard, so we should be happy, hard to go every day." Because you are not easy to come to this world. Not only did she, but the children in her belly, try to feel life, cry, and grow up. On the day of the recording, she couldn't help but say, and she broke down in tears.

Good night, give every day to live seriously yourself, to your inner child, that need to be loved a piece.

Photo: Screenshot from KKBOX's Good night song shoot

Photo: Screenshot from KKBOX's Good night song shoot

"Thank you for coming to our house, " Ella wrote to her children.

In April, ella's son, Jinbao, on his third birthday, wrote down her feelings as a mother on a personal powder profile.

She mentioned that when she became a mother, she felt more deeply that every mother was not easy, "Every child is different, I still study every day." Also hope that mothers do not give themselves too much pressure, love children also love themselves, find a suitable way for themselves, do not oversacrifice. To be happy can you make your child happy. 」

Ella has always held on to being herself, but at the expense of her mother, and only if you take care of yourself, you will really know how to love. And she doesn't think she's a perfect mother, and along the way, she feels that her children are changing and she needs to adjust. She said that where the child wanted to go, she would accompany him to try to accomplish every challenge.

When mom to her, there is a lot of hard work, but also a lot of thanks:

"Thank you for coming to our house and bringing us more joy and warmth. With you, our family is more complete. 」

When a mother three years, she not only thank the child, she also thank herself. Also through her, perhaps we see a new model of mothering being expected to be developed.

To your good night song: "Dear baby, know that you will be tired, life is difficult, but remember to be brave"

And Ella this time as the songwriter of "Goodnight Song", because after different identities, so that she has a different sense of life. This song, in fact, not only for the child, but also for all the efforts to live you.

My dear baby / I know you will be tired / Life is difficult / But remember to be brave

Bed carrying our most tired and fragile moments, "good night" before opening our eyes every day, like confirming that we are loved, hugged, and able to sleep in peace of mind.

Thank you for your efforts / Thank you for not giving up / Thank you for sticking here all the way / The sun will still rise / Hope never out / Good night / Dear yourself

It's like saying, but how big it is, or even being someone else's parents, we still have a child inside and need to be regularly asked and taken care of. So even if you've passed the age of sleeping for a bedside story or a good night', or no one has ever said that to you in the past, start now, you can say "thank you, good night" to yourself every day.

Good night song for the child, but also to their own inner. If you have been hard, strong for a long time, remember to unload the armed every day, a good hug of the person you love, and yourself.

This song reminds us that the so-called home, is a hobby of their own, and then we learn to love.