The outbreak is grim, but it also accidentally inspires creative ideas to share with you ten lovely social distance smiles!

Do you keep a social distance of 1 meter today?

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, in Taiwan, the Central Epidemic Command Center pushed the "epidemic prevention of a new life campaign", and the world has advocated the so-called "social distance", whether in the supermarket queue check-out, such as buses, people need to be spaced more than 1 meter, indoor is recommended distance of 1.5 meters.

The rules of social distance, changing our existing patterns of interaction, have also occasionally emerged with many interesting "new ways of socializing". Share with you ten lovely pictures, the world is no more chaotic, also do not forget to live a good life, take a good breath!

Enjoy the light and keep your distance

A white circle appears in Domino's Park, Usain, 1.8 meters apart, allowing people to bask in the sun.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Happy graduation! But hold on first Don't

In Washington, D.C., neighbors are celebrating graduate Catalina Perez, still keeping a social distance from each other.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Afraid you're alone, you're all three with you?

The American restaurant, The In at Little Washington, reopened, and Jessie Dawson, the executive assistant at the restaurant, sat down next to the model.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Staying in a glass hut, isolation is also a romantic.

A restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has created an 'isolation greenhouse' that allows guests to dine in a glass cabin

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

McDonald's body parking lot, what to order today

A McDonald's in the Netherlands has drawn a yellow circle outside the store to keep customers in line at safe distances.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

If you're in a hurry to go to the bathroom, forget the 1-meter agreement.

A toilet in Maidstone, England, wraps the urinal directly in case people forget their distance.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Because there is love, more need to have distance

On the streets of London, England, there are images that remind people to keep their social distance.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

You're not alone, let me stay with you

A restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, puts its mascot on its seat to keep its social distance.

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Ten lovely and funny pictures, because this outbreak, see everyone's creative side, will in the future, we can imagine another way of social interaction?