After two people socialize, but do not know how to get closer? Want to be the partner who trusts each other the most? American therapist Alicia. Mnotz lists a "chat library" that lasts 365 days to help build a deep relationship!

Do you still have endless conversations with your other half every day? Or are two people silent for longer and longer, so that you start to look forward to being alone?

"Is it because I'm not interested in him?" "Are we no longer having any other spark than what we have to eat for three meals?" If you start to have these anxieties in your heart, don't worry. How do you establish an intimate relationship with the other half? In fact, in addition to time, but also time. Clinical psychologist Hong Zhongqing said that not every day to meet, enough to know each other;

When you fall in love with him, you may only need a momentary impulse; Even if you meet you in the first place, you feel how close and tacit the other person is, and your natural fit will continue to interact the day after tomorrow to continue the spark. It may sound difficult, but it's worth your work. (Guess what you want to see:"Am I in your eyes, or special?" Counselor: You don't naturally know how to maintain a relationship, but these 50 little things are helpful.

In response, American partner therapist Alicia. Mnouz published a practical book, "Our 365 Days: Learning to Ask one Question Every Day, to Be a Conversational Intimacy," which lists 365 topics that bring their partners closer together. No matter what stage the relationship progresses, he says, the continued use of the log will help you build a "habit of love."

"Am I the one who knows you best?" 365 topics to bring each other closer

"We were full of thought that we had known each other for a long time, and perhaps that was just wandering on the surface, because of our childhood experiences, the pain of the past, and the projections that obscured our eyes, like a transparent wall blocking each other." Even intimate couples, many experiences are difficult to share,......, because they are untroubled by past embarrassment. Hong Zhongqing

As Hong Zhongqing's clinical psychologist said, we come with high walls and work hard to try to trust. For this reason, Alicia. The 365 questions designed by Mnoz can be broadly divided into four categories: "Future Goals/ Dreams", "Recreation / Sex", "Past Experiences / Experiences Now", and "Philosophy / Psychological Thinking". She invites partners to learn about each other's memories, hopes, thoughts, dreams, opinions, preferences, fantasies, and traits, while also discovering why you can be a partner from two independent individuals.

Next, we list edited 20 of these topics. Maybe tonight, start talking to the other half:

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1. What would you ideally be the perfect trip to spend the weekend together? Why?

2. The lonelyest moment when You were a child.

3. Have you ever had a very different view of "living" by listening to your own heartbeat?

4. Is there anything I take for granted about your efforts? If so, what can I do to make you feel my attention and gratitude?

5. What is our wildest and most extravagant adventure in your imagination?

6. Where do people of different genders make you envious?

7. List your current top 10 "Favourite Things" in 60 seconds and share why do you like them best?

8. If you want to continuously caress the non-sexy parts of your body for up to ten minutes, which part do you want to be and why?

9. Can you share a memory that has something to do with your favorite childhood toy and is full of deep emotions?

10. Your ideal wedding experience, whether it's yourself or attending someone else's wedding, is fine.

11. Please name one thing you have forgotten now, but wish you can remember, and something you wish you could forget.

12. What are you most satisfied with the way we resolve conflicts?

13. When the pressure is high, if you can let the time pause, transfer yourself to any corner of the universe calm down, sing for an hour, where do you want to go?

14. Name, big or small, three things you "absolutely have to do" this year.

15. What do you think i have in the wrong right places to have some doubts at first, but then I can embrace and love?

16. Since our relationship, do you think i have the deepest influence on you, or the most meaningful thing between us?

17. Have you ever had the most special meal? Why is this meal so meaningful?

18. How can we more effectively close our relationship when we are stressed or anxious?

19. The two most obvious similarities?

20. What should be the view from your ideal home and bedroom window? What does it feel to you to get up every morning and see the view?

Alicia. 'When we talk to our other half, we practice telling, expressing, and listening, ' Mr. Mnoz said. So it's about helping you get to know each other and be more familiar with the intimacy you want. (Equally important question:"Mature relationships can be open to talking about money without embarrassment" because at least five money issues have been discussed.

You may find in the process that I didn't know you very well in the past, or that you've been hiding this secret in your heart; The most important thing is perhaps the realization that every day can start to leave a time for each other to communicate.

In those minutes or hours, you know the world, I'm just focused on you now. (We all yearn for love: When I'm old, will you take my hand for a walk? Korean love illustration, draw all of us yearn for hand to the old )