After news of Kimura's death broke, the virulent messages that had been sent on his Twitter feed and under IG disappeared. Do people have to know how to get away after their own words have become murderweapons?

A member of Netflix's popular reality show "Double-Decker," the professional wrestler's Kimura Flower, uploaded a photo of himself with his cat on IG on The 23rd, writing, "I love you, you want to be happy and live a hundred years." I am sorry. The news of his death came out.

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Police have analysed the possible cause of death as suicide and are investigating. Her last letter was found in the living room, in which she wrote to her mother, "I'm sorry, thank you for giving birth to me." Recently, some netizens have left offensive messages on Twitter and IG about his performance in the "double-decker apartment". She is said to have complained to her mother: "I am hurt by the comments on social media. (Extended reading:"A child who was like the sea, but turned into a breakwater" is no longer the next Shirley! South Korea portal shuts down entertainment news message boards )

Relatives and friends were dismayed by his departure.

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The funnyman, who is also the show's host, was so upset that he tweeted his condolences: "It's so sudden, I don't know how to speak up, time goes by." When I think of Kimura, I can't put my thoughts straight together into words, "Why don't I see the distress behind her strong manners?" I thought strongly: Is there nothing I can do? 」

Watanabe, who belongs to the same wrestling group, also vented his sadness on Twitter at the death of Kimura. "I didn't have any life experience for the first time when someone so close died, and I didn't have a way to fully accept it. 」

In addition, he also criticized the acid people:

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"Why do you can destroy people so easily?" Her heart is not even the face and name of the things you can destroy? What about professional wrestlers? She is also a living human being. You know the weight of words here, don't you? Please don't make the same mistake again. But he also urged Kimura's fans not to set off a vicious cycle of injury: "Fans, I can understand your feelings, but don't force people who don't have sympathy to die." Tooth-for-tooth ingresss will only make this happen again and again. Although very uncomfortable, very sad, very resentful and very unwilling, completely unforgivable, but always remember the mumura flower, is what we can do. 」

In response to the acid phenomenon that has long existed, actor Narita Yu also expressed his views:

"The idea that being libel is justified as a public figure is wrong. It has nothing to do with the profession. Specially to the parties to see the place, anonymous, unresponsible left cruel words, unilateral attacks on an unsuspecting person can be allowed? 」

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In addition to targeting acid people, some have even filed complaints against the media. Mr. B wu-yang then questioned: "Although the wide show in various media says that it is not good to attack others on social media," who is the commander of the commander tower who issued the order "This week is his?"" "All the responsibility has been passed on to the acid people, but there is no intention to review themselves at all. How thick is the face? (Extended reading: headwind, seeking nude photos, internet public trial!) Why should we talk about online violence against women after the Luo Zhixiang incident )

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In fact, in Japan, it is not unusual for artists to comment on current events. One of the passages in Yamai's mourning can be verified: "In such a disturbing situation, I do not know how my speech will be explained, and for some time I have been hesitant to speak." And in early May, Twitter launched an amendment to the "Anti-Trump Law", and artists such as Carly, Akihito, Akihito and Daikuo Pao also expressed their opinions, drawing a lot of criticism: "Disillusioned" and "I don't want to see political writing." To meet the imagination of all fans as much as possible, it is often the business policy of The Image of Japanese Artists. Therefore, for the death of Theimura flower, the network bullying has so many echoes is very rare.

It also shows that public figures, including artists, have had enough of anonymous cyberattacks and bullying.

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After the incident, both Twitter and IG acid people, have deleted their own hurtful messages. Perhaps introspection, or perhaps afraid to leave a traceled clue, we want to say the thing is - the network is like this, the message may be easily deleted, but the damage left by the parties has been caused, irretrievable.

What we need to do is not only mourn, remember and R.I.P. time after time, but also create a more open and respectful space for online speech, in the early stages, to eliminate harm and catch people who may fall.