MBTI 16 type childhood personality, you will be the present adult, which has a good track! What does it look like to remember your childhood, starting with a five-minute quiz? And how do you have the inner child you can care for now?

Perhaps you have heard a similar statement, your temperament, hidden you have read the book, the road. What kind of adults have we grown into, in fact, we have revealed the childhood life.

Do you remember how you were when you were little? Each child's personality characteristics are different, we will according to their own advantages, naturally good things, and then through the external environment stimulation, and ultimately become you should become the person. If you're also curious, what brought you here, your inner child character, through the Miles Briggs personality classification MBTI, may give you some clues. (Guess what you want to see: TaroChamab: Where was the most influential part of my childhood?) ) )

In the taxonomy, there are 16 personalities that reflect the uninterested interests and values of different people, depending on how we interact with the world (introverted or outward-looking), how we deal with messages (biased towardreason or intuition), how we make decisions (logical or sensory) to how to arrange life (judgmental or perceptive). Now, let's take a look at your childhood character!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality traits
Step two, look down, what your childhood character is.

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1. ISTJ Investigator: Tiny Heart, With a Delicate Old Soul

You are usually a good student, as well as reliable friends, you have been paying attention to detail since childhood, you are quiet, serious, hard-working. You like a regular and orderly life, and as a child, you often have a favorite routine, such as lunchtime every day; Because of sensitivity, changing the new environment will make you easy to worry about. When it comes to getting along with adults, you feel loved when your parents trust and respect you and give you the chance to prove themselves. Honesty and frankness are the key words that belong to your inner child.

2. ISFJ Guardian: Representative of Model Student, Always Don't Want to Let People Down

You're very detail-oriented, you're very concerned about the needs of others, and you're compassionate. In the class, you are often a model student, such as will finish homework on time, test good results, or can take good habits. On top of that, you are sensitive to critical language, and you try to do your part without letting people down. When you are given a sense of security in your relationship with adults, you will feel loved. The key to your inner child is hugging and praising.

3. INFJ Consultant: Caring for the Little Sun and The Heart Is Ying To Be Loved

You are an imaginative child and anxious about others having a strong empathy and are susceptible to external environments or emotions; You don't like conflict, and when you get to a tense place, you try to fix it or leave. You have a few particularly close friends, but other than that, you don't trust others easily. When you get along with adults, or when you are listened to, and your dreams are affirmed, you feel loved. What you need is gentle guidance. The keywords that belong to your inner child are sensitive and gentle to take care of.

4. INTJ Originals: Mature little adults, then some isolation

Your personality is a bit shy, and in your childhood, you tend to look much more mature than other children of the same age. Because you like to think and focus on the future, you always take things relatively seriously, but also enjoy the feeling of absorbing knowledge, a lot of reading. For the most part, you're not interested in playful group games, you're calm and mysterious. Your relationship with adults, if they can listen patiently and be forthright and open to you, can make you willing and open-minded. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are respect and appreciation.

5. ISTP Artisan: Want to Be A Free Child

You are a quiet, rebellious child, and you don't have much interest in traditional campuses or rules of life. You're independent, you're curious about certain things, and you're able to focus on your commitment. You love the feeling of thinking, you want to know the truth behind the world's operation, and you like the simple and precise way to deliver your message. At school, you are usually good at math or science. You desire freedom and don't like what you repeat every day, and if you can trust you and do what you want to do in a timely manner, you will really be happy. On the contrary, you hate the feeling of being controlled the most. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are free and independent. (Extended reading:"Desire to be praised, always maverick" these behaviors may be related to childhood loss)

6. ISFP speaker: careful and sensitive, full of love for the world

You are a careful child, usually particularly interested in art subjects, such as singing, painting or dancing, but also love the pursuit of beauty. You are sensitive, gentle, and loving and sympathetic to the world and the friends around you. It may often be said that you are easygoing and sentimental, but you know that you are actually afraid of conflict occasions and like the atmosphere of peace. When it comes to dealing with adults, you need to know that your values are recognized, and that you give you the same understanding and help as you love others. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are supporting and listening.

7. INFP Fixer: Romance as you, love, thinking is important

Your heart is full of romance and passion, you are imaginative and ideal, your heart is kind and you are sensitive. For example, you will be attracted to small animals and produce feelings. You focus on inner harmony, and it's hard to care about things you don't think make sense, such as algebra in math class. You may not be able to follow the schedule time, but also easy to mix schoolwork and games, because you have a dedicated daydream world in your heart. Such you, very much need adult understanding, feeling accepted equivalent to feeling loved. The keywords that belong to your inner child are romance and dreams.

8. INTP Architect: Like to Ask Why, Tell Me Why

From an early age you can question the world very directly, and you are less likely to believe the so-called "truth" spoken by your teacher or parent, and you are always asking questions and wanting to know the answers to all the questions. In the eyes of many, you are sharp and intelligent, and analytical, you are good at jumping out of the frame of thinking, and behind these actions, you yearn for independence and freedom. A person's moment can make you feel energy. Adults around you, if you can accept and appreciate that you are a unique person, will make you feel loved. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are debated and independent.

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9. ESTP Salesman: Want to Get Out of the Classroom, Want to Take a Risk

You grew up curious about the world around you, you always feel excited and enthusiastic, you like to pursue excitement, love adventure, and not afraid of competitive relations. For almost every class to stay in the classroom of campus life, you always look forward to hurrying out of the fence, everywhere to explore and play. You are brave, impulsive, and usually good at solving problems. Because of your spontaneity, you will want the adults around you to have confidence in you and to respect your ability, appreciate your brave and impulsive style of doing things, and so on. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are challenges and practices.

10. ESFP Performers: Give me something outside of textbooks, such as playgrounds

You like to make friends and explore new things that can make you bored and irritable if you sit in the classroom too long. For you, the inspiration for learning may not be the books that have been arranged, but the nature that is constantly changing. You are open-minded, like to connect with people, and are very concerned about the weak. Because your heart is big and you are full of ideas and passions about the world, it is necessary to be encouraged and praised when sharing the trifles or ideas of your life with adults. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are breakthrough and diverse.

11. ENFP Winner: Pistachios in the group, happy where you have

You are usually a pistachio in a group, a smart student, and full of personal charm. You are social, willing to interact with others, and bring joy. And usually you're also a great listener, because you can notice a lot of sensory details, be sensitive to other people's emotions, and be resilient to the environment. In your relationship with adults, you need to know that their love for you is unconditional, so that you can follow your path in life without worry, rather than obeying established social expectations. You need them to cry with you, laugh together, and the child keyword sits within you is listening and supporting.

12. ENTP inventor: Can you look at my side and laugh and play with me

You like to be noticed, you like to be part of a group, and you can gain energy and confidence from your social life. You don't like to play by yourself, your enthusiasm, charm, and game-making ideas make you popular with friends. As a result, you will also have many different types of friends around you. As long as it is full of fresh ideas or things, often attract your attention. Because you are creative, you need to be patient with the adults who listen to you and express them, and make you feel loved. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are creativity and play.

13. ESTJ Supervisor: As a monitor or captain, the small head of a group

You are usually an outgoing, high-mobility and decisive child, you have a strong practical and leadership skills, so you are often the leader of the campus life class or the captain of the sports team. You have a good heart, will not be satisfied with temporary achievements, will hope to pursue more success. By the example, you're often the first one to raise your hand in class. You can always do your own thing well, so you also need adults to trust themselves and think you're reliable. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are trustworthiness and fairness.

14. ESFJ Supplier: If you need warmth, come to my side

You are a child with a high degree of empathy and warm qualities. You can easily fit into the group and be liked by many people to build good friendships. You care about others, and you try to divide things in the hope that you can meet their expectations. Especially when it comes to adults, you may often want to please your parents and set yourself a so-called goal and future for success. Adults who can see your true value will make you feel loved. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are caring and the same.

15. ENFJ Teacher: Where I Have, make you feel at ease and at ease

You like to be the focus of the group, perhaps getting the perfect grades, or the main character in a school stage play. Similarly, you are charming and perhaps humorous. You are warm and enthusiastic, and you are concerned about the needs and aspirations of others. You are usually highly adapted to the emotional atmosphere around you and are good at making those around you feel comfortable. You have a relatively high standard of yourself, in dealing with adults, if you can give you more recognition, will make you feel loved. The keyword son of your inner child is growth and friendship.

16. MARSHAL ENTJ Army: I want to be the best in your heart

You are usually good at communicating, know how to express your ideas and opinions, and are full of practical skills. In every task you take, you want to be the best you can do to prove your efforts and abilities. You yearn to gain attention in the group and be independent earlier than your children of the same age. You don't want adults to interfere too much and manipulate your life and planning, you're demanding yourself, you value honesty, and therefore expect to be respected. The intrinsic child keywords that belong to you are efficiency and perfection.

We may be far away from childhood, but your heart is always home to a child who needs to pay regular attention to him. Looking back on your childhood personality and growing up experience can help you know how to love your inner child when you feel tired. (Recommended to you:"Take a good look, just let go" You do not feel safe, may have something to do with childhood experience)