"If you've never experienced the dark side of things, you're in a place without any light." Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, both traumatised, have teamed up to launch Rain On Me to tell you: After the pain, you'll walk through it.

Rain on me, rain, rain alcohol and tears fall on me
I'd rather be dry, but tat least i'm alive I want to wipe away tears, but at least I'm still alive
- Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Grande On Me

On May 23, 2020, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande joined forces to launch Rain On Me, but in just three days, nearly 50 million views have been made.

Two days after the cooperation, both are committed to the female voice, the momentum, showing perseverance of the female will. In particular, the song is not only powerful, but also not shy about presenting the fragile side. It's not like Lady Gaga's Born This Way, encouraging girls to go their own way and boasting that they are born perfect; it's not like Ariana Grande god Is A Woman, challenging patriarchal societies and breaking down the stereotype of women as weak.

Women can be powerful, but we are also willing to admit that life is not always sunny and brilliant. We are willing to embrace vulnerability and tell about those sad experiences.

Rain On Me sings, you and I have experienced the pain and pain - is the after-pain quenching, is the recovery after the bruise, is the fall after the fight again. Buddha said to us, before you have the power, you must be brave to face the sorrow. (Same-on-the-spot: Talking to yourself at 18: After a sharp growing pain, you finally learn to be gentle)

Photo : Rain On Me . . . MV

If you've never experienced the dark side of things, you're in a place that doesn't have any light.

Lady Gaga

I make mistakes, but I learn from them.

Ariana Grande

Experiences like this, the ones that have been badly poured in by the heavy rain, may be their true story.

What two days later taught us: you were in pain, and you walked by.

Living in a world where no one's innocent lives in a world where no one is innocent
Oh, butt at at least try, mmm at least we've tried
- Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Grande On Me

Lady Gaga Goddess Kaka

Lady Gaga's birth, unsteady, people are obsessed with her avant-garde style, but it is not clear that she is enjoying the magnesium lamp and wearing the back crown before the heart of a sad soul.

At the age of 19, Lady Gaga was sexually assaulted by a producer. She thought it was her fault, but she had nowhere to show for her fear. This has plagued Lady Gaga for a decade and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). After years of psychotherapy, she talked about it publicly.

At the Oscars in 2016, Lady Gaga, dressed in a white dress, held the hands of 52 survivors of sexual assault and sang "Till It Happens to You" to tell the world: You're brave and you've done nothing wrong. (Recommended reading: "The Birth ofa Superstar" Lady Gaga: No one can stop you from becoming yourself

Photo: Lady Gaga, Poker Face and MV

Ariana Grande Ariana

In May 2017, Ariana Grande was at a concert in Manchester, England, when 22 people were killed and 119 injured in a terrorist attack. The incident dealt a severe blow to Ariana Grande, who said on Twitter that she was completely heartbroken.

Two weeks after the incident, Ariana Grande tried to get herself out of the shadows by returning to Manchester for a "One Love Manchester" charity concert to raise money for the victims. (Extended reading: Ariana Grande wins Billboard Woman of theYear: It's easy to pretend to be happy, but I want to face the truth)

Photo: Ariana Grande 7 Rings/MV

Gotta live my truth, not-let it bottled in I have to live myself
So I don't't lose my mind, baby yeah, so I don't lose my mind
- Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Grande On Me

Lady Gaga spoke about the mood and story of Rain On Me in an interview with Zane Lowe.

Rain falls, that is, pain falls, but also tears fall. In addition, the rain is a metaphor for grief, bottle after bottle of poured wine. Even if we all want to stay dry and away from pain, it is precisely because we are alive that we are inevitably suffering. Then, let the rain fall on the body, enjoy drinking!

Jane's girl friendship: cheer ingress for each other, have a good life

When you're sad or low, if someone pulls you, even if it's just a word, a hug, it may be enough to get you to lift the motivation to move forward.

Here, we also prepared for you to face negative emotions of the heart, you can also try.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are eight years apart, and they support each other. The friendship between women, is to accompany you to cry and laugh, promise each other to eat, sleep, live.

Lady Gaga: "I was crying when we met in the studio. Ariana came up to me and said, "You'll be fine, this is my number, call me!" She was very serious about building a friendship with me, and I was ashamed. I don't want to lose all my negative energy to her, especially to see her recover from the pain so beautiful and moving. 」

Photo : Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Rain On Me M . . .

The MV also echoes the constant repetition of the entire song's rain on me. Lady Gaga and Grande Ariana don't dodge as the rain sithets wildly on them. You know, those pains are not hiding. Why don't you just let it go!

The pain of you, will be more and more intense. Perhaps what we have to do is never to avoid injury, but to learn how to heal.

Hands up to the sky reach for the blue sky
I'll be your galaxy I'll become your river system
I'm about to fly I'm ready to set off to spread my wings
- Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande Grande On Me