Think of the future, there is a stous, some impatience. But we're still going to try to focus all our spirits and taste the moment we're in.

Morning yoga class, covered to the fourth grid, yoga classroom steel seal, is a small antler. Today we're talking about space, and I'm getting used to thinking that every yoga class is a hint to me in the coming week.

Five to ten minutes before the start of the course, the teacher usually makes confirmation of the student's status - how is it today? How do you feel? If you can do something for yourself to start with, what do you want to do? I said last night re-training deep squat weight, now the back of the thighand and armpits are sore, the teacher said good, then take the peanut ball to release these places, very good, we also do squat today, you warm up first. Different state of the reason, the classroom everyone is doing different actions, the teacher said, we come by themselves, I want to know in the classroom to learn these, leave the classroom, back to their own life, can support you. The teacher likes to use the word support, your body supports you, your classmates support you, you also support everything happened.

Some of the students in the classroom also re-trained. The teacher suggested, try first massage, press the shoulder and neck, and then re-training, the logic is, first to open the space, and then to construct it, otherwise the body space can not expand, you use violence, in the body layered, set up unthinking illegal building.

Today taught the ball fingering method, first click, then press the line, then z-shaped walk, and finally put the ball in the palm of the hand, pressure, waiting for two sighs. Before always thought that sighing is the meaning of breathing, the teacher explained a little more, sigh is a place near the cerebellum, lead you to really relax, wait until the sigh, is completely relaxed. Ten knuckle relaxes, do dog-style, feel a stronger bond, fingers under the arm, there is a solid and elastic connection.

Before class to do upside down, the first time to do, nervous, non-stop psychological self-construction, feet stretched, body turned up, against the wall, open their eyes - the original classroom space is this, it did not change, but I seem to see more clearly, or because I stopped, focused on it, upside down, the heart is very quiet. The teacher said, shoulder neck long-term tight students, this action to do more, shoulders will relax a lot.

After class, has always felt the body is very light, feel that some things fly out, as if there is more space for a person, after their own support, and then to build. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sport" Yoga teaches me things, learn from everything in life)

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

After lunch, ran to the nearby sincere goods, bought two books, a talk of the sister island and the world and the West Zeli Wei architectural aesthetics, do not know why, turned a few pages feel good like, has been thinking about reading in Lyon, while France many to the bad holiday, ran to the neighboring city to chase Kirby Yi building, at that time in a foreign country, but feel that visit the architectural space, there is a nationality of the reception.

The other is Guo Johnson's new book, "The Seeker", written on the waist, Wang Dewei comments, in recent years, Taiwan novelrare masterpieces, want to go to see in recent years of Taiwan novels very rare, bookstore clerks hurriedly recommended to me, you get this, is Guo teacher's signature version, of course, to take away. I went to the checkout, did not tell him, said ashamed, this is my first Guo Johnson.

Such as MRT, from the municipal government to Bandung physical displacement, three consecutive zero diagnosis, MRT people back, mobile phone 0% completely no electricity, rope in the MRT to see the piano seeker. From the first page on good-looking, while reading while admiring, for a long time did not encounter such a slender and compact word, feel like just knock on the finger in the precise position of the description, the tuner as the main narrator, self-restraint, this is the heart of the novel with music. The last time there was a similar feeling was Ondalu's "Bees and Far Thunder".

On one page, after playing Rachmaninoff's "Song without Words", the playing teenager said that the song reminded him of the snow, but he had not seen the real snow, and his heart was a little inferior. Another pianist said to him, that the name less than the indescribable indescribable what, is the time, every key spit out, only under, can not be re-made. Think of the yoga teacher said, the heart is very messy time, think about it, can not, on a good experience of this moment. Through the piano, you are listening to a passing, even the loneliest, poorest people, who can get an approximate feeling from the same de Busey, because that is where we come and go. (Same-field screening: Kimma 2019 , "Sunshine" Wu Jianhe: When acting, don't think about anything, just take advantage of the moment well)

On the MRT, do not know why, see a little nasal acid, almost sit through the station, straight to the new shop, eyes red out of the MRT station - found the outside of the sun is warm, all things space, is waiting for you, stop to see, go to a good experience.